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February 19, 2010

a watched dollar never burns: EFFECTING transparency while eliminating deficit spending

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EFFECT transparency while solving deficit spending.  Government at any level  SHALL NOT collect taxes unless BOTH publishing budget on the interweb- and in PDF three months prior to date of collection AND publishing full disclosure (100%) audit trail of all monies.

If either condition is violated monies SHALL be returned and those responsible for setting the budget shall be impeached.

United we stand against fascism


December 3, 2009

three simple steps to extricate ourselves from a liberalism damaged ‘free’ market

1) spend less than is coercively taken from citizens, take less from citizens, stop giving to non-citizens, stop funding evil deeds

2) disassociate from the “federal” “reserve” — neither federal nor a bank, but a private institution that benefits in any market condition — returning to the gold standard.  Want money by fiat?  Then by fiat you are barred from any public office.

3) fire every “public servant” who cannot succinctly explain how his job serves the public.  Interviewing teams for bureaucrat-job-viability will be followed by CSPAN camera crews.  “How does your job serve the public?”  Take too long to answer?  You’re fired!  Cannot succinctly answer?  You’re fired.   ALL  95% waste fired later: quickly paying off debt.


The Peoples’ representatives who violate the public trust are guilty of treason.  Swift capital punishment is due.

November 12, 2009

open sticky note to USA “president”

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Attenion, greatleaderobama, instead of a summit ‘on’ jobs send every citizen a bumper sticker with these three words upon it:  Everything is fine.

Sure, many many issues are other than fine, but the bumper sticker approach is both your kitch truthiness style and will cost Americans less money than you are now- and will continue to print to burn.

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