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November 22, 2009

California Energy Commission (LCD) Television Efficiency

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CEC should mandate all TVs sold from now forward remain in an off-state.  This would increase the quality of much of hollywood programming while reducing power consumption by up to 100%!!

California, home to hollywood and San Fagcisco, plans to "save" enery by coerced disuse

Why stop with appliances? New buildings constructed in 2011 should be built without electrical wiring to save electricity, made without wood to save trees, not built over land so as not to displace precious evolutionarily-challenged animals, neither made with cement nor metal to deter gouging the precious planet, but have solar panels. By 2013 phase 2 will render most Californians unarmed tribes of illiterate hungry carrion “Naturalists”.   With luck California will vote less blue…. having far fewer citizens… although by then citizenship might be defined as existing within the borders of the country.

Think of the savings of not-using!  ‘They’ could use all that energy to renew the other energy.

Save the environment: stop exhaling.

Seth Wisely said: death to envirofascism

October 6, 2009

Penn and Teller’s Bullshit on SHOtime discourages majority viewership

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Penn is an atheist.  Whatever?  Not really.  He’s a weak atheism zealot.  Instead of self espoused tolerance (the right use of tolerance) his show routinely attacks ‘organized religion’, Christianity, and spews vile, baseless attacks against Catholicism.

Vilifying the minority nine out of ten Americans, the self avowed Christians of one denomination or another, Penn and Teller’s Bullshit wantonly discards potential market share which is not surprising as a hallmark of weak atheism, as opposed to ‘strong’ atheism, is less than stunning intelligence.

Atheism, rooted in subjective reality, is logically untenable: Atheism is self refuting.

Agnosticism, however, is not intellectually dishonest.

Cantankerous commentary on Christianity aside, Bullshit! is often an excellent libertarian commentary on much of the cancer afflicting society.

Penn, though, on Glenn Beck‘s 090717 demonstrated a firm grasp of the socialist mire in which we find ourselves in great part thanks to FDR.

Seth Wisely said: atheism apologetics is folly

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