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March 30, 2010

google BRIDGED voice calls still an “eternal” commitment LNP rights trampled no port-out for you mere citizen

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forget your FCC LNP rights: google awaits a heavy bitchslapping

“Currently, it’s not possible to remove Google Voice from your Google Account, but we’re working on making this option available.”

^^ be sure to vote “no” as often as you change IP address

oh joy!

I spent a few hours gaming the number system after the google acquisition of GrandWhatsit was obviously branded and await the opportunity to exercise my RIGHTS as a consumer to take my awesome numbers to a provider I can trust [not to datamine my calls].

Google does not qualify as an exception in ANY cases outlined by the FCC LNP rules in FCC 07-188 or FCC 09-41

FCC 07-188

APPENDIX B, Title 47 update

§ 52.34 Obligations regarding local number porting to and from interconnected VoIP providers.
(a) An interconnected VoIP provider must facilitate an end-user customer’s valid number portability request, as it is defined in this subpart, either to or from a telecommunications carrier or another interconnected VoIP provider.  “Facilitate” is defined as the interconnected VoIP providers’ affirmative legal obligation to take all steps necessary to initiate or allow a port-in or port-out itself or through the telecommunications carriers, if any, that it relies on to obtain numbering resources, subject to a valid port request, without unreasonable delay or unreasonable procedures that have the effect of delaying or denying porting of the NANP-based telephone number.

(b) An interconnected VoIP provider may not enter into any agreement that would prohibit an end-user customer from porting between interconnected VoIP providers, or to or from a telecommunications

Seems like google TOS is a teeny bit invalid regarding LNP.  Please do correct if I am wrong.

As between the parties, Google shall retain all right, title and interest to the telephone numbers used in connection with or provided as part of the Services.

Pay to be datamined by google? No Way

We will not use any of your content for any purpose except to provide you with the Service

Yeah, right.  “”provide service” — please refer to myriad other google TOS to unvaguify claim.  gmail is powered by text datamining alledgedly on the fly.  voice service is a wee bit more expensive than email, but no datamining?  Would you like to buy a voice bridge?  oh, wait, that’s “free” too.


Seth Wisely said: encrypted calls for the masses is overdue.  skype, for tards, alledgedly continues to foil foreign intelligence.  privacy requires ZERO access potential by unknown third parties


March 20, 2010

HDCP helps to reduce piracy? yeah right. When the consumer cannot use his media in the way he wants he looks to other sources. HDCP pushes more casual users to piracy for media liberty in the home

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HDMI whitepaper, p9 “content owner benefits”

Although HDMI does not require
copy protection, the standard allows for it andódue to government regulations and
the demands of trade associations and content providersómost devices
implementing HDMI do offer HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) which
operates transparently to consumers in HDMI devices. As a result, HDMI helps
reduce piracy
and ensures that the highest quality content can be delivered to as
wide an audience as possible. In addition, should new business models for content
distribution arise that require new copy protection standards, the HDMI specification
is flexible enough to support those changes. Content owners, therefore, can feel
confident that their works will be widely distributed and yet needn’t overly concern
themselves with content theft via HDMI connections. Many Hollywood studios
recognize this capability and have moved forward with their plans to develop and
release high-definition digital content because of this comfort with the HDMI standard.

Why attack the encryption per se?  What’s the weakest link in the HDCP stream?  The flow in the rendering device after the HDCP black magic.  No working knowledge of HDCP Faustian secrets required.  Tinker away liberty engineers.

Seth Wisely said: death to fascism and comeuppance to those who champion it

March 18, 2010

and also provides important limitations? current white house staff limited grasp of English, zero honor

“and also”?  no.  The Constitution exist TO limit the powers of government; to protect we the people FROM government abuses.


and also the president is a Marxist by admission; FDR would be beyond ecstatic.

The senate’s NEEDLESS introduction prior to the preamble *cough* *cough* seems to better grasp the Constitution than the white house

We The People” – affirm that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens.  The supremacy of the people

Government exists to serve the people.  Also missing some key concepts

One can NOT have one’s will usurped: EVER.  One must consent to be governed.

The senate’s understand is awry

the Constitution has evolved

FALSE! The Constitution HAS NOT evolved.


The Senate errantly applies revisionist history tactics of liberalism via self evidently self refuting subjective reality.  A running commentary in English on the Constitution, itself not surprisingly written in English, is wholly unnecessary ESPECIALLY on a federal site.

Seth Wisely said: the tree of liberty NEVER CAN die

March 15, 2010

s3fox sports entertaining ToS: no freedom to tinker? Byte me!

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look at but not modify the source code of the extension.

haha yeah right! That violates my rules which supersede all others: my gear = my way.

But wait it becomes more entertaining

End User is not entitled to any modification of the extension, unless End User has requested to do so by email to and the Author has confirmed in writing its consent thereto. End User acknowledges and agrees that he will abide by the additional Terms of Distribution that the Author imposes in said confirmation.

Sure, I understand dev not wanting distributed versions of user modified extensions, but again my gear = my way.

Since the first ‘line crossing behavior’ of firefox extensions one cannot trust an AMO published extension per se.  It is important that the user understand EVERYTHING the extension does; blind trust is folly.  Should the extension be acting in a way contrary to the interests of the user it behooves one to correct the extension.  The user employs extensions to HIS needs; the user incontestably has LINE ITEM VETO power.

all information provided by End User to Author is and remains true, accurate, current and complete

Nope: mandatory fields encourage fictional responses.

including but not limited to warranties of quality, performance, non-infringement, merchantibility, or fitness for a particular purpose, nor any warranties will come into existence by course of dealing, course of performance, or trade usage.

While discouraging it does exemplify my objection.  “Non-infringement”?  Have you read your own ToS?

Author does not represent or warrant that the Extension or any related services will always be available, accessible, uninterrupted, timely, secure, accurate, complete and error-free.

All the more reason to examine and REPAIR faults in the extension where discovered.  Should I find fault, given this ToS, I am disinclined to share with dev.

Author, in its sole discretion, may modify or discontinue or suspend the ability of End User to use any version of the Extension at any time, without prior notice, with or without cause, with immediate effect and without recourse to the courts.

yeah, I don’t think so.

and will supersede and replace all prior understandings and agreements

No. My rules supersede ALL rules other than the laws of physics or the Law of God.

Should any term or provision hereof be deemed invalid, void or enforceable either in its entirety or in a particular application, the remainder of the Agreement shall nonetheless remain in full force and effect.

That seems reasonable.  I shall void as I please and abide the remainder. does NOT install spyware, adware, malware or any other type of threat to your privacy.

The privacy policy has few statements regarding privacy.  How odd.  The ToS is a threat to liberty… one is left to wonder about privacy.  OBEY THE GIANT S3FOX!!!  No thanks.. I’ll tinker freely.

Seth Wisely said: get a clue; this one is copylefted

February 28, 2010

flash “cookies” be damned: blocking via directory ACLs

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no write permission for teh win.  Sure it’s not a new idea but it’s of the winningest..

Seth Wisely said: my way or the bye-bye way

February 14, 2010

developers and programmers less install wrappers please more stand alone applications not co-enabled by registry

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nitro322 ; top

To be completely honest, innounp is one of the reasons I myself use Inno Setup for all of my installers – I LIKE the fact that my users have this capability, if they so choose. As an NSIS installer user (for Gaim, FileZilla, and many others), I HATE the fact that I cannot extract files from the installer without installing it, adding who knows what to my registry, copy the files out of the installed directory, uninstall it, then deal with anything it may have left behind. It’s a pain in the rear, and I’m sure many people on this forum would agree with me (especially considering NSIS has been the number one request for Universal Extractor).

example of the kind of developer SLOTH that inevitably leads to problems: dandaman32


@other developers and programmers

yes, please.  installers merely copy junk for the sheeple and make needless system changes that annoy the rest of us.  Please create more stand alone applications (think OSX) without retarded use of dependencies (same place as exe is a great place to start.. since that’s the first place already start there).

Even when I can uniextract I run in VM prior to workstation to proof application is not inclined to perform nefarious deeds.  If only the wonks who create “portable” applications would verify they make ZERO system impact.  Change to- and change back registry is TWO changes not zero.

Save settings in local text file in a format that is human readable.  The registry is heroin.  Read it if you must but NO changes: bloat is irreversible cancer

installshield upgrades for uniextract

we want an OS that will respect us not honor the fascist whims of hollywood.  My *nix doesn’t  wend to hollywill, my XP last MS refuge.  Even vista (aka windows 7) released an emulator for XP (vm) for its superiority

Seth Wisely said: OSX will crush MS bloatOS as MS creates new OSX soho base

December 3, 2009

@hippies and envirofascists: stop exhaling — make everyone else happy

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Your future is dim and expensive.

‘Renewable’ energy?  Have you found a way around the laws of thermodynamics that you’re keeping to yourselves?  Or from what source of energy_2 are you using to “renew” energy_1?

Addressing envirofascist (green) concerns
1) envirofascist premise: big oil buys competing tech to shelve.

hmm.. 50% of electricity from coal.  how many coal mines has big oil purchased to shut down? oh, that’s zero.    my someone has a false premise

consider the idea that oil supply might be depleted.  oh, hoorah, big oil owns the patents to technology they’re purchased and developed to remain profitable.  The rest of us won’t need live in the cold dark.  Curse them for their foresight?  twits.

2) how are electric cars green (environmentally ‘friendly’)?  Let’s ignore envirofascist sources of energy until the unicorns are found. Let’s now look at how the energy is stored: batteries.  Those batteries are IN NO WAY environmentally ‘friendly’.  Quite the opposite:  they are hazardous- and toxic to man and other parts of nature that have no right to exist.

At the start of the “alternative” (not-oil in envirofascist vocabulary) fuel push ONE BILLION dollars of tax payer reaserch poured into hybrid car development with ZERO results.  No big oil companies involved there.  That’s simply hippie failure.  Pesky laws of thermodynamics.

NUCLEAR IS THE ALTERNATIVE fuel source of the future.  Hydrogen cars are the sane future.  Incidentally both nuclear fuel and fossil fuels ARE SOLAR power.

3) envirofascist premise: big oil responsible for high oil prices.  wrong again.  how many parties are involved from islamese ground to car?  Compare that number to the MUCH SMALLER number of parties involved in domestic oil, most notably oil-rich Alaska.  Less parties = less cost at the pump.   The alaskan oil infrastructure that IS already there BENEFITS nature: the animals receive ‘free’ heat to keep warm.  That cold state, you know the one that happens when the sun, source of global warming (and global cooling), is shining on the other side of the planet, kills animals (evolution).  But since the installation of pipelines those ‘precious’ animals can better survive winter nights.  D’oh: an increased population.

Join with me in the chant: euthanize envirofascists and hippies.  We’ll gain: an increased average IQ, less dead weight in the education system, an end to unconstitutional state run re-education centers, socialism returned to hell, an end to wrong-tolerance, and a return to founding values of AMERICA.

While the tree of liberty will not be satiated with the blood of liberalists… it will be a good start

@ fast food production entities: we want yam freedom fries in taste enhancing oils

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In addition to tasteless french fries please sell yam freedom fries! (or sweet potatoes) Mmm tasty.. please also be sure to use flavor-imparting cooking oil.

boring, white, starchy potatos are blech. No improvement is made slicing them into ‘freedom fries’ especially since the shift to fascist-approved taste depleting cooking oil.  For the same reason “low fat brownies” are an abomination so are fries in fascist-approved oils. Worries about excessive weight? Here’s a thought: STOP YOURSELF from eating fattening food.  I don’t want to suffer because you have zero self control.

Please certify your milk source for shakes / frosties / icecream contains ZERO hormones

aside:  pressurized steam to remove potato peels might be an entertaining home counter top device.

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