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July 31, 2010

new “church channel” features Messianic Jews segment

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“Jews for Jesus”

Jewish objections to Jesus answered:

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July 30, 2010

copy without verify switch? folly. XP explorer shell, copy defaults to not-verify. rectify with TeraCopy (Pro)

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Not-using the verify switch for copy/move operations is pure folly.  Why tolerate it within windows explorer?  Do not.

Upgrade to TeraCopy (Pro)

What’s more… FINALLY see transfer speed in copy dialogue a MUCH desired feature that would otherwise be needlessly complicated to monitor in XP.  If you know otherwise I would be delighted if you would share.  No, I shall NEVER be “upgrading” to windows7.  My next OS is pOSiX.

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July 28, 2010

AMO critique by indie developer

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We have all experienced the ever increasing feckless nature of AMO editors and their “review” process, but this is delightful [posted 2008 but likely about the same joy]

it is not published immediately but goes through a review process which is absolutely OK in my opinion, it’s meant to avoid crap, I totally agree. The problem is how the whole process is maintaned [sic] and managed.

The idea of review they have is quite ridiculous, just some line of text sent by some anonymous guy. The ridiculous part is that most of the times you just need to be selfish, egocentric and lame enough to create an account on AMO and write some review yourself to your own add-on, and/or ask some friends of yours to do the same. This of course does not give to the downloader any insurance on the trustworthiness of the code he’s just donwloading.

The interesting thing is that when instead you send a new version of your just published extension, the review responsability [sic] is taken by a mozilla editor who tests your code prior to making it publicly available. So why not to do the same thing for new extensions coming out? New versions of existing extensions are of course a way more frequent submissions than completely new extensions and so it should not prejudice the entire system.
Well, telling the truth, the system is already screwed up. In fact even updating your extension to a newer version is a very painful and frustrating experience because the process is anything but fast: having your extension’s shiny new version publicly available can require up to 1-2 weeks. And if yours is a security extension? 1-2 weeks of possibly worldwide vulnerability without any chance of somehow automatically informing the users of your software.

So, basically the latter is the main reason of existance [sic] of this website, just a place to keep new versions of the extension while I’m wating [sic] for them to appear on the AMO website. Just like that.

AMO review process in an ideal world of peace without hippies

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July 22, 2010

making hotmail webmail suck less badly with stylish

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no more “style” causing optic nerve tearing

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July 19, 2010

vpn for sip to escape fios defective by design moca gateway?

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Since the FIOS westell 9100em gateway’s SIP ALG seems to be designed to break home voip there are a few choices for those enslaved to bitter moca.  One might well be vpn4sip

Designed to allow subjects of fascist regimes talk to friends and family freely it seems like a decent fit for those who suffer the walled garden mentality of Verizon.

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July 13, 2010

GIMP blending power out tweaks photoshop

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pipe in some math

“Of course MM can’t add merging mode to gimp”


or can I?



Graphics32 is licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License yearns to be with GIMP and photoshop

Image Inc – freeware compositing

GraphicsMaigc Professional – freeware – GIMP bits inside [sourceforge]

other Graphics 32 projects


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