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March 18, 2010

and also provides important limitations? current white house staff limited grasp of English, zero honor

“and also”?  no.  The Constitution exist TO limit the powers of government; to protect we the people FROM government abuses.


and also the president is a Marxist by admission; FDR would be beyond ecstatic.

The senate’s NEEDLESS introduction prior to the preamble *cough* *cough* seems to better grasp the Constitution than the white house

We The People” – affirm that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens.  The supremacy of the people

Government exists to serve the people.  Also missing some key concepts

One can NOT have one’s will usurped: EVER.  One must consent to be governed.

The senate’s understand is awry

the Constitution has evolved

FALSE! The Constitution HAS NOT evolved.


The Senate errantly applies revisionist history tactics of liberalism via self evidently self refuting subjective reality.  A running commentary in English on the Constitution, itself not surprisingly written in English, is wholly unnecessary ESPECIALLY on a federal site.

Seth Wisely said: the tree of liberty NEVER CAN die


February 19, 2010

a watched dollar never burns: EFFECTING transparency while eliminating deficit spending

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EFFECT transparency while solving deficit spending.  Government at any level  SHALL NOT collect taxes unless BOTH publishing budget on the interweb- and in PDF three months prior to date of collection AND publishing full disclosure (100%) audit trail of all monies.

If either condition is violated monies SHALL be returned and those responsible for setting the budget shall be impeached.

United we stand against fascism

RequestPolicy reveals new MedlinePlus cross site request from

Filed under: fascist fiat — Tags: , , — Seth Wisely @ 14:23 seems to be the latest propagandist tool by greatleader’s socialism administration.

A mere two days ago MedlinePlus,, had no such integration.  More president’s fascist fiat?

Take a moment to share with Health and Human services, the same great people partly responsible for promoting teen fornication, via survey how little you value this infliction.

RequestPolicy is a security enhancing extension for firefox.

An example of the dangers of having free open elections:

A presidential order to change the moon to cheese is as effective

January 2, 2010

seven meter rise in sea level? When you cannot be bothered with science simple issues like volume, surface area, or density change of ice to water must be ignored

pesky truth always getting in the way of liberalese fear mongering

@ greatleaderobama

Let’s do nothing… mostly because even if liberalist scientificalists are correct NOTHING we can do can begin to effect change in the environment.  The ‘problem’ if true is orders of magnitude more vast than all the money and resources on the planet   (For this discussion we will be completely ignoring the most proximate star’s effect on the planet and it’s contribution to life genesis potential).

It is not cost effective to “do something” that has ZERO potential of efficacy.

I hope it is self evident to all that sovereignty of America CANNOT by construction be signed away by the president.  The attempt to destroy national sovereignty in and of itself is treasonous.  Impeachment for gross violation of the public trust is but the first step in the change we deserve.

Climate scientificalists conveniently use assumptions as evidence.  Is it any wonder climatology scientificalist models conclusions match the ‘evidence’?

Have the scientificalists volunteered the volume of water that would be gained by melting all ice at both poles?  (do they know that water’s volume will decrease in so doing?)

Have the scientificalists discussed the causes of ice ages?  (d’oh pesky sun… they are only interested in solarity in evil power consumption arguments)

@ scientificalists

all of these fuels (energy sources) are ALL ultimately from the sun:

  • fossil fuel (oil or coal) –  biochemical solar power:  plants absorbing solar power and the evil-plant-predators that ate them
  • nuclear fuels – elements near dawn of stellar body (the sun)
  • hydrogen as fuel (see nuclear fuels)
  • natural gas (biochemical solar power)

Yes, these are all natural, solar power… AND EFFICACIOUS.  A modern nuclear power plant — that liberalists will not ‘allow’ us to build in our own country — generates almost enough waste to fill a Barq’s rootbeer can.


@ Vegetarians & Vegans

You hypocrites!  You are all evil-plant-predators.  If you were true to your ideology you would be strict carrions.


Do you really want to reduce CO2 more than anything?  Please stop exhaling: you are damaging the environment according to your ideology otherwise you are a cowardly hypocrite.


“carbon credit” n.
Permission purchased to ignore emissions
(alledgedly) damaging to the environment.

@ liberalists

Ignoring the problem per se will be as efficacious and zero cost.  Win Win.



January 1, 2010

grading president might be racist.. much as with disliking his ideology or disagreeing with his choice of behavior

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It’s far more likely obama is auditing the office

@ black racists: one of obama’s parents is black
@ white racists: one of obama’s parents is white

@ people fond of irrationally verbally accosting instead of logically refuting: we’re all the same race.  Moreover EVERYONE’s ancestry can be traced to Africa.  Yay, we can all call ourselves African-American in that sense or the arbitrary sense.

Seth Wisely said: socialism by proxy or otherwise beneficent a leader does not make

November 19, 2009

will obama’s “plan” drive Americans to be the “illegal immigrants” (invaders) of the other countries of the world?

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won’t that be fun?  Currency of no value?  Countries with who do not share the values of Western Civilization?  A mass exodus to become the invaders

yeah… do nothing.. we’ll get there

Seth Wisely said: do not abide socialism

November 13, 2009

if society continues to embrace twit*r, “social” networking, iTardware, and debasement: we deserve to receive the embrace of Rome

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If society continues to embrace twit*r, “social” networking, and iTardware: we deserve to end as Rome did

… the USA, nearly USSA, has the pederasts (fags), wanton sexuality abuse, [teen] whoring, infanticide, lasciviousness, youth sociopaths, delight in wickedness, and wrong-tolerance …

091112 luciferian dehumanizing

Seth Wisely said: when as Rome.. die as Rome

acorn ‘logic’: if you are videod knifing a child to death you are not guilty of murder if you were illegally filmed

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Not filing taxes will cease be be illegal WITH CASE LAW thanks to acorn should they be victorious in their ludicrous suit.

Imagine all the other laws which will cease to apply — all of them.

091113 socialism dissolving morality their pot pipe dream


Anarchy: that into which SOCIALISM ALWAYS DESCENDS. Enjoying the trip through tyranny forest along the way?




Seth Wisely said: here comes the sun.. the last sun

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