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November 2, 2010

chemical flower bed, popular mechanics 1927

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  • Get a small goldfish bowl
  • fill the bottom with fine sand to a little over half an inch
  • buy the following from a hardware store or other creative source
    • copper sulphate, two ounces
    • a few small pieces of zinc (size of postage stamp)
    • a few small pieces of alum (aluminum?) enough to fill a tablespoon
    • a teaspoon full of potassium bichromate crystals
    • one can of water glass [sodium silicate solution]
    • three or four inch length of aluminum wire cut into half inch pieces
  • scatter the materials over the sand in the bowl in a “hit or miss” fashion
  • mix one part of the water glass with three parts water
    • pour the mixture slowly over the chemical-strewn sand
  • the depth of liquid should not exceed four to six inches
  • set the bowl aside in a place where it will not be shaken or jarred

“Soon you will see queer little colored growths appearing here and there which in the course of a few days will grow upward and assume various shapes.  In a week or to you will have a chemical garden similar to the one pictured.  You will have some mushrooms, fungi, grasses, beats, and oranges.  Nearly all colors of the spectrum are represented.  Most curious are the growths which extend downward into the sand along the sides of glass.  If left undisturbed the chemical flower bed will grow for weeks.  And then like living things the growths will slowly disintegrate.”




The alternative to buying the magic rocks kit (or other crystal growing kit) from a toy store.  Magic rocks grow TOO quickly compared to the chemical flower bed.


1985 materials update for chemical flower bed

  • glass jar
  • tweezers or tiny spoon
  • 300 mL water
  • 150 mL sodium silicate
  • Chromium chloride (green) solid
  • Ferric chloride (orange) solid
  • Aluminum potassium sulfate (white) solid
  • Cobalt chloride (purple) solid


for more variations interweb search:  Chemical Demonstrations, American Chemical Society


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October 10, 2010

wikipedia is evil: Truth is not subject to opinion!! Opinion is subject to Truth.

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Wikipedia desires to subvert the ignorant minds of the lazy research world.

Truth is not subject to opinion!!  Opinion is subject to Truth.

Consensus does not Effect truth.  Phenomenology is not superior in kind to ontology.

/me prepares to slap sense into those who are trapped by subjective reality

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September 27, 2010

oh, firefox “upgrades, how I so delight in major version changes

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yes, so much enjoyment from core changes breaking all the extensions that customize MY experience.  So much wrenching joy waiting on extension fixes or hacked solutions to be manifested by third parties — no parties there.

I am sure I’ll love the new built-in tab management system inflicted on 4-users.

I like my piro extensions, thanks.  I like reliability and dependability of interface.  No one sane uses bare-firefox.

And the extensions “manager”.  Great name.  Let’s all call it the extension listifier instead, alright?  How does it manage extensions?  Oh, that’s right, it never has.  Too much middle-management influence on naming perhaps?


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September 14, 2010

iRenew hacked: reprogrammed with natural frequencies of your car

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Easily integrate hacked iRenew into any car!  Simply place vertically in the glovebox or horizontally in the trunk!  Hacking underway to tune iRenew for SUVs and small trucks.

Your car will feel faster and want to use less gas!  Cars are not the same without hacked iRenew.

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September 4, 2010

dvorak keyboard resurgence? why not on mobile phone keypads?

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since QWERTY  was designed to IMPAIR typing speed why has there been no resurgence of DVORAK at least on mobile devices?  if not laptops and workstations?


free DVORAK typing lessons










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May 30, 2010

an awesome Open Directory browser and some other Open Directory viewers

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About opendir on apache2

What is an OpenDir?
A directory on a webserver that does not have an index file. Without this a module of the webserver instead displays a list of all the files — much like what an index.html originally did — unless that feature- or module has been disabled (and it ought not be).

Another perspective
Open Directory viewers INFLICT a gallery upon others’ resources

Can I simply view the directory myself with the web browser?
Sure. Feed the URL to firefox- or opera. But what if there are for or five scroll-pages of potentially awesome content? oh noes! lots of click-view-back

WARNING: Some NSFW usually.  These services are used for less than chaste image surfing.  While they are themselves SFW most usually throw out a gallery of NSFW — deplorable :sigh:.  [default: NSFW]  [default: NSFW]

Here instead are some smilies galleries, which is what I typically feed them

How can I find more OpenDir for smilies or smileys?”Index+of”+(smilies|smileys)&ie=utf-8


StripDir is hands down the best for me so far.

Open Directory browser viewing viewer autoindex fusker alternative


or create a handy thumbnail gallery of all your future new smilies

OpenDir smilies OpenDir smileys free smilies


plays well with firefox extension context menu: Rehost Image


the firefox bookmark library so far



OpenDir browsing is akin to fusker but does not require any legwork or character sequence bracketing!

CAUTION: Fusker is typically used for less than chaste activities.


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April 7, 2010

when free requires payment it’s not free.. duh?

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inum is free after you pay money in many cases. wow, what a not great deal!  Some FEW providers honor the American language and provide an inum at no cost.  Thanks: VoxAlot, FonSwitch, Callcentric

SIP Broker supported providers are far less hassle than inum in certain cases

I’ll be sure to post when I find a provider on the inum list that provides an inum and inbound use without a fee.. until then it’s a bait n switch scam

  • callcentric inum is free when you don’t live in the USA for e911 recovery fee *nod* *wink*. If you do live in the USA it will cost $5.  callcentric, however, does really offer free SIP URI calls. Callcentric provides its own set of PSTN gateway numbers for fee-calling [not free] or for calling other SIP/iNum callcentric clients.  There were too many characters needed in a dialstring for my phone but it is likely possible with the new $50/mo data penalty “smart” phones.
  • FonSwitch inum is free.  NO purchase required. Instantly added to account after selection from a dropdown.  FonSwitch offers free SIP URI calls
  • VoiceMeUp “free” inum offer is not free
  • BlasterPhone “free” inum costs $5 and requires gateway to “directly” call iNum. “inum available to paying customers only”
  • voxalot issues inum to all basic accounts: +883 5100 04 xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is your Voxalot number)

I don’t expect free service arbitrarily; I do however expect integrity.  Stand by your offer.

updated: corrections applied. Callcentric is free when you don’t “live” in the USA 😉 FonSwitch is always free inum no crazy e911 recovery fee AND they allow you to choose an iNum to your liking from a block of iNums.

Actually free iNum SIP providers

  • callcentric
    • free iNum
    • no SIP SIMPLE presence
      • must emulate presence with jabber [XMPP] (softphones)
    • free voicemail
    • server side filtering [limited]
    • web UA registration status
    • no SIP trace
  • fonswitch
    • free iNum
    • SIP SIMPLE presence
    • free voicemail
    • no server side filtering
    • web UA registration status
    • no SIP trace
  • voxalot basic
    • free iNum (provider iNum prefix + usernumber)
    • unknown SIP SIMPLE presence
    • unknown voicemail freeness
    • unknown server side filtering
    • web UA registration status
    • no SIP trace

I earnestly appreciate being corrected; I own- and apologize for my errors.  One gains nothing by willful ignorance.

presence: RFC 3856/5264? et al

I’m always on the look out for ways for friends’ families money to keep in touch (internationally) inexpensively.  For those who have free incoming mobile calls (UK/EU?)I would hope incoming SIP calls would be similarly free; iNum fits the bill nicely as the dialing party [ultimately] need not fuss with PSTN gateways or codes.  Rather than suggesting they invest in an excellent headset I suggest they opt for an ATA for “normal” phones.  ITSP and similar are kind enough to provide the free SIP calls, peering aside, it’s a “do a good turn daily” opportunity.  I have been recommending the SPA2102 with latest Cisco firmware for home users behind cheap ISP CPE (with joyously crippleware NAT) other suggestions will be warmly received.  Verizon FIOS westell gateways are the worst for ATA behind NAT with ‘SIP ALG’ that is nearly impossible to disable depending on firmware- and hardware versions.  It seems walled garden is not far enough; FIOS gateways seem hell bent on raping SIP.

future checks

  • SIP Presence subscriptions : SIP SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY
  • SIP Presence publishing : SIP PUBLISH
  • SIP Presence document : SIP PIDF

last updated 100617 UTC

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March 15, 2010

s3fox sports entertaining ToS: no freedom to tinker? Byte me!

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look at but not modify the source code of the extension.

haha yeah right! That violates my rules which supersede all others: my gear = my way.

But wait it becomes more entertaining

End User is not entitled to any modification of the extension, unless End User has requested to do so by email to and the Author has confirmed in writing its consent thereto. End User acknowledges and agrees that he will abide by the additional Terms of Distribution that the Author imposes in said confirmation.

Sure, I understand dev not wanting distributed versions of user modified extensions, but again my gear = my way.

Since the first ‘line crossing behavior’ of firefox extensions one cannot trust an AMO published extension per se.  It is important that the user understand EVERYTHING the extension does; blind trust is folly.  Should the extension be acting in a way contrary to the interests of the user it behooves one to correct the extension.  The user employs extensions to HIS needs; the user incontestably has LINE ITEM VETO power.

all information provided by End User to Author is and remains true, accurate, current and complete

Nope: mandatory fields encourage fictional responses.

including but not limited to warranties of quality, performance, non-infringement, merchantibility, or fitness for a particular purpose, nor any warranties will come into existence by course of dealing, course of performance, or trade usage.

While discouraging it does exemplify my objection.  “Non-infringement”?  Have you read your own ToS?

Author does not represent or warrant that the Extension or any related services will always be available, accessible, uninterrupted, timely, secure, accurate, complete and error-free.

All the more reason to examine and REPAIR faults in the extension where discovered.  Should I find fault, given this ToS, I am disinclined to share with dev.

Author, in its sole discretion, may modify or discontinue or suspend the ability of End User to use any version of the Extension at any time, without prior notice, with or without cause, with immediate effect and without recourse to the courts.

yeah, I don’t think so.

and will supersede and replace all prior understandings and agreements

No. My rules supersede ALL rules other than the laws of physics or the Law of God.

Should any term or provision hereof be deemed invalid, void or enforceable either in its entirety or in a particular application, the remainder of the Agreement shall nonetheless remain in full force and effect.

That seems reasonable.  I shall void as I please and abide the remainder. does NOT install spyware, adware, malware or any other type of threat to your privacy.

The privacy policy has few statements regarding privacy.  How odd.  The ToS is a threat to liberty… one is left to wonder about privacy.  OBEY THE GIANT S3FOX!!!  No thanks.. I’ll tinker freely.

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