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February 11, 2011

spamming assholes continue to enable other spamming faggots

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xor, freakynuts, staicamusc, bruteforce, d6bmg, uuqcam, tvdev, and all others who use this forum mod are spamming assholes. For best results filter out their forum in interweb search results, and blacklist URI….. unless you enjoy a healthy arms race, too 😉


fake email?

I would like a firefox extension for filtering out Fake-Integrity to deter signing up at spammer’s forums.  The only reason to reject use of DEA is to spam more easily and spam more often.



September 25, 2010

clip art spammed as free, for a price, how to liberate media

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repeatedly turned up in search results for particular FREE graphics.  Sure, get me there and I’ll be all too please to pay $50 for a smiley face.  Guess again.

With the healing brush in most paint applications, the “new” content aware eraser in photoshop CS5, or the much less unoriginal tool in GIMP simply remove the pathetisad watermarks from images.

ahhh now they are as free as they were spammed to be


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March 18, 2010

Protected: click scam: nested affiliate urls

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

October 27, 2009

symlink-analog for MX backup (thought experiment in progress)

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postfix centered backup MX configuration ideas

No mention of redundant DNS?  Backup MX is fine but with resolver failure even backup MX can be useless.

A more interesting idea (rough draft imagination) would be a symlink-analog from backup (third party) MX providers to access rules on primary (or local MX) such that rules need not be manually replicated.

While some find it rude I find TMDA efficacious (when properly configured)

September 21, 2009

Zone Salting with

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Zone Salting continues… is onboard free Disposable Email Address service grants a forwarding alias from a ‘random’ draw of registered domains.  However the assigned username works with any registered zone.

DEA last for user selected period from an hour to a year, can be extended or canceled.

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self destructing services help re-educate unwashed masses using email

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The largest source of spam for me is the VAST unwashed masses using email.  Those people blissfully unaware that email predates the interweb.  I no longer have the patience to re-educate each on BCC and email netiquette so I have finally accepted the necessity of proximate circles of trust.  The more trusted the contact the better email contact information provided.  My peripheral email address uses self destructing images, self destructing URLs, and disposable email aliases to send content that is likely to tempt the ignorant into mashing her FWD button.

drop : media :: (kicknotes or stealthmessage) : text :: (vapurl or urlgone or ephemurl) : url (expire: week, month, year: exactly or since last access) (expire by days or clicks or combination.  can track usage) (expire by days) (expire by days (DO NOT give it email address other than DEA to collect URL to email yourself)

When their respective recipients receive the email with URLs to content that is no longer available the feedback loop discourages them from forwarding my email.

^ I have been emailing various services for more than a year pressing for self expiring options. Seemingly there are many new fruits of this effort.  :-}

This is far more convenient that using a cPanel webhost for DIY expiration. (ftp + mod_rewrite + cron + pixie dust)

entertaining variations

self destructing crypto key for text posting

vapurl alternative: or
urlgone alternative: or
kicknotes alternative:
sturly alternatives: or or alternative: (weak alternative for media)

alternatively alternatives: or — with original credit to akebono then DMOZ

self destructing alternatives to pastebin:


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