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January 30, 2010

found: government offers one health related service superior to other private corp or non profit: graphic real-time visual feedback pill identification

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NIH National Library of Medicine PillBox in Adobe FLEX

Fortunately use of this government service does not surrender ownership of your computer- and its contents to the government as with a certain car trade in program.

visual feedback as you add more precise description

visual feedback as you add more precise description


much more detailed images than other pill identification sites — with the caveat that “this is beta” and that they disclaim accuracy of all information.  Gov waiting on pharma for confirmation.

up close and pill personal information


visual representation of shape a bit more valuable than written adjectives



helpful relative size

100130 pillbox nlm nih gov feature 4 pill sizing


Flex feedback?  Other ideas? Think military use of pillbox before sending them any email

email your great pill ideas to our once lovely government -- CHOOSE to make it better

should be the marketplace of ideas not the war of unintended conseqence infliction

should be the marketplace of ideas not the war of unintended conseqence infliction


Seth Wisely said: pharmacies are becoming more like a gump box of chocolate


January 25, 2010

American for shiny bobbles upon a hill?

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I have not mastered Mandarin yet.

another seth, self adulating author, ill grasp of art

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By seth godin’s senselessly wide definition all work of man is art.  He proffers a “definition” but seems to have a great affinity for unboundedness.

Hooray for genocide!   wait, that [Auschwitz] can’t be good other-seth.. can it?

Blasphemous desecration with urine is self evidently not art either.

firefox user preferences are for gasp the USER and not the developer

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sure some extensions have default preferences for the obvious reasons, but hello arrogant extensions developers?

using “updates” to set MY preferences for MY profile on MY workstation to what you want?




more extreme options exist other than “your” jar

when I (un)tick I prefer not to use “feature” Z I do not want it reverted by you wretches

try selling your extension as a retail product.  after watching the zero for a few weeks dial down the hubris.  stop putting nasty in jars.


Seth Wisely said: keep crap outta extensions or it will be removed for you

January 17, 2010

MediaCoder no longer hosted on SourceForge. How’s that license taste now, Stanley?

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MediaCoder, now with malware inside, no longer has a home on SorceForge

Another Official Stanley Rant: mediacoder-is-no-longer-hosted-on-sourceforge-net

One cannot unGPL another’s work.

I have some Engrish labels I received around Christmas to scan and share.  Too bad there’s not enough material for a stangrish site:

They spread words here and there about some disputable and untruthful facts.

No open statements on malware? Adware? unwantedware?  No link to untruthful fact refutations?


As Stanley’s honor  is dubious at best MC installs will first be tested in a clean XP virtual machine.

TeraCopy a must have utility. But it could be so much better with UFD

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Windows 7 (vista) finally integrated DISPLAY of copy speed into the explorer widget.. yay?  It’s always been fun to watch the transfer rate in XP and prior windowses.  But for UFD I would like nearish realtime  remaining space remaining count next to the transfer rate in the TeraCopy window.  It already shows this information when there is insufficient space on the target volume.  Say a given copy required 3 gigs of space.  As one freed the displayed space the required amount would decrease commensurately.

Yes, my grammar is fantastic today for reasons I shall not be sharing.

UFD : USB Flash Drive

CodeSector also makes creepy products made possible by google’s whole new line of creepyware including android

“Show me your papers?”  nah… simply use android and as many “free” google products as possible

Google would never ever treat people as individual items in a global inventory!

January 14, 2010

fail to pay a nickel verizon cuts off fios access with captive portal

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the zero warning part of the experience was the bestbest… thanks for that Verizon… maybe next time I order an EXACT manufacturer, EXACT model gatway you’ll send a carrier pigeon and and immediately back dated suspension letter.

January 5, 2010

farewell imageshack 2009 hello imageshack 2010

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Amidst server 500 errors I nearly gave up on uploading some screenshots.. who knew it was a secret rollout of their new design?


a service that likely arouse out of stumbleupon

Is the imageshack developer an itard?  Or an itard fanboi?

d’oh.. it is my favorite image hosting free webservice… rarely have my images ever been deleted other than by me

there is balance in the imaginary force:  imageshack android application

— if only there was an SRware to make android privacy focused 😐

more upselling maybe more apps but sellout to itards boo


I hope they still have “old” form style uploading so I may continue using dragdropupload firefox extension

Did the ImageBot adware fiasco cause exclusion from the ImageShack third party upload and management tools page?

ImageShack yfrog panders to twit*s

less upselling with this ADP filter:

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