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November 25, 2009

how is microsoft scrambling xbox360 hard drives different than apple bricking phones?

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One whole lawsuit away different.

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November 22, 2009

California Energy Commission (LCD) Television Efficiency

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CEC should mandate all TVs sold from now forward remain in an off-state.  This would increase the quality of much of hollywood programming while reducing power consumption by up to 100%!!

California, home to hollywood and San Fagcisco, plans to "save" enery by coerced disuse

Why stop with appliances? New buildings constructed in 2011 should be built without electrical wiring to save electricity, made without wood to save trees, not built over land so as not to displace precious evolutionarily-challenged animals, neither made with cement nor metal to deter gouging the precious planet, but have solar panels. By 2013 phase 2 will render most Californians unarmed tribes of illiterate hungry carrion “Naturalists”.   With luck California will vote less blue…. having far fewer citizens… although by then citizenship might be defined as existing within the borders of the country.

Think of the savings of not-using!  ‘They’ could use all that energy to renew the other energy.

Save the environment: stop exhaling.

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November 21, 2009

itards of the world unite? iUnioNizing coup wins source of problem

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iUnion legal coup successful: apple to release source code after ice age in hell.

itards, however, cannot live without the shiny factor.  What have they won?  A larger apple cage?

“it’s our job to stop [customers from gaining full use of their hardware on the network they pay to access],” said Steve Jobs.  Liberty? Using devices in ways other than intended? Freedom to tinker? That’s no longer the American way.  Unquestioning obedience, compliance, and ingenuity seppuku is the new world order.  Silence!  iJail you!

The new google succubus, android, might ensnare a few more souls

[insert faust using verizon droid ‘phone’ here]

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large hadron collider scam back online, Master Control Program

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When did metaphysics become the domain of science?

Re-education centers for American teenagers inject metaphysics into science classrooms.  _That_ question is not within the scope of science.  Neither the currently proposed answer nor intelligent design theories belong in a science classroom.  If one then the other.. in an appropriate class.

Hopefully Kruschev victory is not upon us and there is still time to teach youth logic instead of critical “thinking”. [insert cliche Einstein quote linked to Aristotle here].  Let’s start with abandoning the Murtha counting system.

The collider is a brilliant annual salary scheme: looking for cause per se in materialism terms… ad infinitum

They will have my support when they can “go completely green” or when unicorns lower monthly electric bills.

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November 20, 2009

my overview of spotify beta soon

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I cannot imagine a ‘free’ online streaming music service succeeding that also requires a proprietary client.  Spotify beta is ‘free’ (invasive annoying easilyblocked ads), requires software and does not play well with others:

pandora requires only flash.
last fm requires only flash
etc etc



Sansa Media Converter thinstalled? portable? not-evil?

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You are probably looking for something similar.  You don’t want to install Sansa’s proprietary BLOATware merely to view videos on your Sansa.  While I don’t endorse watching movies or episodes on a tiny screen, it is less horrifically boring in waiting rooms, and far less likely way to contract a disease than magazines — sick people are in non medical waiting areas too.

If you don’t want Sansa mangling your nicely configured Direct Show filters (codecs) then you’ll get to transcode videos, neither a fun nor a fast process, to a very narrow, bordering on inane, profile:

The best part is the lack of audio specification.   Fortunately I like black box guessing games.

Why not add more codec capability to the device? No, that would be obvious!

Support for an easily streamed format but ZERO ability to receive wired/wireless streams?

Yeah, that is a great idea

Where have all the brilliant, bold engineers gone?

Solution: Virtual Machine.  Sure it’s not elegant but it’s viable.  If you do not have a VMware WS license then Virtual Box will do… until someone thinstalls Sansa’s bloatware or Sansa makes their devices- and software less horrible.

… though anything is better than an ipod!

Windows Restore Points are cute.. instead backup your registry with erunt if you are planning to install SMC other than creatively

+ download Sansa Media “Converter”
+ either
++ extract from installer then unpack the cabs
++ or install into virtual machine

Why do you suppose Sansa bundles WMFDist11.exe? But the sansa fuze does not play the expected formats?

Lo, and only 278 files!  What a steal.. it comes with all kinds of bits that you’ll never use! woohoo!

edit1: While doing some reading I found this much earlier anything but ipod forum post claiming to have portablized SMC.  It makes different assumptions as to what you have installed.  I have assumed a Virtual Machine whereas he has assumed (you will want to install) portable app creator — I detest such naming schemes.  While Haller has gained a bit of notoriety for portablizing firefox and other applications his new site sets the bar low for leaving the host untouched.

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November 19, 2009

US Post Office ought redirect children’s letters to Santa (at the North Pole) of REAL need to charitable organizations

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USPS already has the system for scanning addresses.  Privacy apologetics aside USPS OCR technology could easily be applied to identify letters from other than materialistic children… the letters that would bring a grown man to tears … and turn them over to chartible organizations like churches and other philanthropists.  Surely even contratheists could agree on this Christmas plan.

“Dear Santa, mom is very sick she almost never gets out of bed and is bleeding” — that kind of heart wrenching child’s writing.

We, the keepers of Western Civilization, ought use technology (the fruits of embracing our God given freedom) in service of the highest good, love, and truth.

Seth Wisely said: God have mercy on those who fail chidren

will obama’s “plan” drive Americans to be the “illegal immigrants” (invaders) of the other countries of the world?

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won’t that be fun?  Currency of no value?  Countries with who do not share the values of Western Civilization?  A mass exodus to become the invaders

yeah… do nothing.. we’ll get there

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