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January 12, 2011

Droid X / Incredible and SIP (voip) apps less than impressive

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droid x [ SIPdroid + ] = uLaw only, called party unable to hear my audio, I can hear my echo, in handset mode (not speakerphone, not blewtooth)

droid (x|incredible) [ SIPdroid + LES ] = uLaw only, called party unable to hear my audio, I can hear my echo, in handset mode (not speakerphone, not blewtooth)

SIPdroid + SipSorcery next … but that’ll not solve the audio stream issues.  STUN yes/no … no joy.

SIPdroid seems to really really want use of PBXes.  More power to them if they have developed a partnership of play well togetherness

droid x [ IAXagent + ] uLaw only, slightly less horrible than SIPdroid

droid x [AntiSIP +]

droid bionic [IAXagent +]

droid bionic [antiSIP +]

droid bionic [antiSIP + LES]

droid bionic [SipDroid + SipSorcery]

all destinations are non-mobile PSTN unless otherwise specified

ITSP currently:, viatalk, LES

plan to BYOD ITSP: future nine, voipo,

fring?  must I?

STUN: ekiga, numb, or vtnoc




root + malware (adware “free” apps) == BAD waiting to happen.  Please privilege surf responsibly.   ALWAYS take a moment to warn others that a “free” app is ADWARE.


January 2, 2011

the sky is falling on ad servers and google is losing ground :: reversing the table

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Wladimir is porting AdBlock Plus to Chromium (Chrome). I would preferer a XUL AdBlock Plus appplication as well for more flexibility with more browsers via local proxy.  Leave the browser to browsing, remember proxomitron glory, and maybe someday take a page from “google’s” playbook of multiple processes to keep multiple extension [bloat] from draggin’ us down.

brute force merrily along

[insert how to install adblock plus into droid x here where x could have as easily been y or n]

Seth Wisely said: more good XUL is more better

note to self: about:config trailing space OFF on that one laptop

Seth Wisely said: also thanks and kudos to Wladimir and the adblock pioneers upon whose shoulders he stands

adblocking pioneers

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[add list here]

special thanks to Scott Lemmon [proxomitron] and JD5000 [awesome filtersets]


Seth will have wisely said: something here soon


December 13, 2010

gimp or photoshop text along a shape?

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of the zillions of tutorial matches for gimp [anything] or photoshop [anything] no a single match for text along a shape — like a no sign.  Sure there’s text along a path but no way of avoiding that fun level of circuity?

Seth Wisely said: beta testing effectively benefits everyone


November 10, 2010

received my Boxee Box this morning am less than thrilled and as usual amazon could not be bothered to pad ALL SIX faces of the internal ELECTRONICS item

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October 20, 2010

photoshop tutorial reveals save as for web goodies

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Seth Wisely said: never stop learning

October 19, 2010

den4b ReNamer is BEST renaming utility EVER and it is freeware too!

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den4b is a coding trooper.  Had it not been for paypal I would have happily sent my monthly movie watching budget to him in donations.  Yes, it is that awesome.  den4b ReNamer plays well as a portable application!

but wait there’s more.  den4b is responsive to well written, intelligent feature requests

I confess I did not find this utility myself but was recommend it by a friend.  Word of mouth — den4b has plenty of it.

I have tried several dozene renaming utilities, some freeware others shareware.  When I had found myself comparing them all to den4b ReNamer I stopped looking for alternatives seriously.  Now and again a forum or article will suggest a renaming tool not yet known to me — for kicks I’ll try it.  ReNamer continues to win.

insert, replace, strip, regex. masking/selection, validation


PacalScript, userscripts, presets, library of other user scripts … the power flows well beyond ReNamers GUI.  Create a list of rules in the stack and see real time preview — this makes learning the advanced features orders of magnitude simplerCleanup those files for the media center:


Now if only manual editing could would allow the program to generate a set of rules… replace your existing mp3 renaming tool with this!  I realize high praise is not the same as cash, but for now it is the best I can offer (as paypal is evil)


a fantastic interface option is being able to set the text in the two respective drag-n-drop panes… mwahaha

Seth Wisely said: den4b or nothing

October 16, 2010

Western Digital TV Live Plus HD is rebaged junk — if your time is worth nothing and you’ve never used XBMC you might be happy with it

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REBADGED junk is doubly offensive, western digital!

“idiot proof” network browsing “feature” relies on workstation elected Master Browser be powered otherwise zero results in network browse [workgroup].  That leaves two HIGHLY entertaining options:  power the master browser workstation, or manually force a master browser election.  Oh, the joy!

The fix?  return it for a refund.

Oh, you want a work around?  Other than the two super awesome above?  Yeah, sure.. merely install software you really don’t want: media server THAT plays well with rebaged junk.

Western Digital TV Live Plus HD is pointless pain.  If you’re the idiot at which it was targeted you are likely blissfully pleased with it.

Until the firmware allows one to specify the UNC path for shares this gizmo is dead opposite convenient.  shipping firmware 1.03.26_B  (the B and functionality suggests beta) but as shipped firmware ‘by definition’ is no longer beta let’s call it beta_plus.

Western Digital TV Live Plus HD failures:

  • cannot specify network share UNC path
  • idiotic reliance on Master Browser
  • NOT dlna certified
  • GUI during video playback is poorly conceived, time consuming to navigate, and less than informative
  • file deletion cannot be accomplished via the playback interface, but only the file management setup in options
  • ‘less complicated’ remote is less than useful further requiring fighting more gui levels
  • IR remote (vs RF of popcorn)
    • I wasn’t thrilled with the popcorn either
  • no in-video audio sync controls
  • less than ideal passive cooling
  • error messages? nope. failures fail silently.
    • no read permissions on network share? video playback error is ‘filetype not supported’. sooo helpful
  • fast forwarding fun!
    • itty bitty numeric indication of fast forward speed
    • because of its inanely small size it is difficult for many to identify that maximum fastness has been achieved .. because the IR remote is less than satisfactory about a third of the time the command never reaches the box [unobstructed 10 foot corridor]
    • 16x is not fast enough.  Re-transcoding to increase I-frames while not sensible is briefly tempting
  • no obvious way to spoke a video to a specific time.  Want to begin watching at 1:02:19 ? Too bad.  Enjoy the fast forward “speed”
  • before I return it I hope to confirm that it chokes on 1080p high bandwidth videos since in their brilliance it does not sport gigabit ethernet
  • I’ve already been burned by Netflix bait-and-switch “all the movies you want”
    • netflix motto is actually “all the movies WE want YOU TO RECEIVE”
    • $9/mo netflix for nowhere near a reasonable number of movies I want
      • I certainly don’t want any in shoddy transcode streams
    • For $8/mo  I can access the storage array that predates the interweb and gopher
    • no conspiracy actual months of testing to confirm — especially entertaining is loading one movie return envelope with multiple movies and watching how ‘slowly’ each ‘arrives’ in the warehouse… variably hmmmm
  • boot times? there are no moving parts.  why does booting take so long??
  • USB is a thought step in the right direction for the low end market.  No esata? fail
    • no forward thinking USB3? the cart must lead the donkey to UFD
    • boxee box also fails to offer esata
  • I haven’t bothered playing with the music features.  I don’t want to be disappointed again.
  • screen saver cannot be tied into image galleries (locally or online) 😦
  • FTP client? nope, happy shiny dlna instead
  • sigh
  • yes, rebadged.  read the wd press release:  ‘provides’ NOT ‘developed’
  • on a side note: why do home NAS boxen not FULLY implement Sata?? DIY sata nas to achieve port multiplication (scsi daisy chain spill over) .. but no commercial embrace of port multiplier in home gear?  fail!

It was not a plus that amazon fulfillment did not bother to pad the shipping box.  Since boxes tumble all six faces must have padding.. duh?

western digital SSDs are ALSO rebadged.  Will those suck, too?

Seth Wisely said: WD TV Live Plus HD is even more annoying than the Popcorn Hour C200 at one third the cost

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