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October 31, 2010

cupong: marketing exercise or covert surveillance?

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who in their right mind (not-drunk) would buy a cup and a ping pong ball as a toy?

A cup and a ping pong ball??

perhaps a set of directions.

now your child can practice for nights of intoxicated fecklessness!

beer pong yay?

Seth Wisely said: it’s easy to burn others money


October 30, 2010 sells out to facetard

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oh noes

a FANTASTIC free file hosting service will be doing seppuku december 15

where the technology will be continuously raped by facetard


Seth Wisely said: that sucks, drop team. don’t co-enable facetards!

I can haz CAPS firefox?

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nsCSSFrameConstructor::ContentAppended appendChild method etc

No, let’s ignore the problems some more and hope they go away

Seth Wisely said: it didn’t work for the french either

October 28, 2010

DMCA in the light of reason

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I am a violation of the DMCA:  I think


Seth Wisely said: I prefer freedom!

how can paper ballots be hacked?

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oh, right, it’s paper and can’t be hacked.  Holes in paper does not need a technology “upgrade”.  The only acceptable overlay is electronic imaging OF HOLES and NOT BITS.

the hubris of evil will continue to increase.   “didn’t read the bill” .. “harry already checked” .. even the dim will be able to see the hubris soon

Seth Wisely said: NEVER tolerate evil [acts]

October 27, 2010

tea party opportunity or need: proctored morality psychometric testing

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“how would you vote on X” is not useful.  tests need be administered to THE candidate and not his staff.  psychometric evaluation  can be beaten by certain sociopaths or genius, but the former is more likely in public office

tea party elbow grease to ‘require’ every candidate submit

there is no gain ‘voting against’ someone… that won this country greatleader obama

Seth Wisely said: apply the tools we already have


soros money to the rescue?

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All the money in the world, or soros money, cannot compensate for the moral deficit of a large slice of American voters, and the larger slice of those who cannot be bothered to vote

Many Americans are infected with a contraceptive heart, blinded to the evil creeping in around them in hubris or willful ignorance or lust indulgence, are dragging America towards the gates of hell to the eager embrace of the minions who have been socially engineering.


Seth Wisely said: wakey wakey

October 22, 2010

telling the truth violates NPR policy? we knew that, but thanks for making it official NPR

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put down the shovel and break out the back hoe.  New Propaganda Regularly.

Pain always helps liberate one from the defective ideology of subjective reality.  For Juan Willliams the recent pain was fear.


Seth Wisely said: No Propaganda? Riiiiight.  NPR.

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