Seth Wisely said

December 3, 2009

@ fast food production entities: we want yam freedom fries in taste enhancing oils

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In addition to tasteless french fries please sell yam freedom fries! (or sweet potatoes) Mmm tasty.. please also be sure to use flavor-imparting cooking oil.

boring, white, starchy potatos are blech. No improvement is made slicing them into ‘freedom fries’ especially since the shift to fascist-approved taste depleting cooking oil.  For the same reason “low fat brownies” are an abomination so are fries in fascist-approved oils. Worries about excessive weight? Here’s a thought: STOP YOURSELF from eating fattening food.  I don’t want to suffer because you have zero self control.

Please certify your milk source for shakes / frosties / icecream contains ZERO hormones

aside:  pressurized steam to remove potato peels might be an entertaining home counter top device.


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