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May 30, 2010

an awesome Open Directory browser and some other Open Directory viewers

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About opendir on apache2

What is an OpenDir?
A directory on a webserver that does not have an index file. Without this a module of the webserver instead displays a list of all the files — much like what an index.html originally did — unless that feature- or module has been disabled (and it ought not be).

Another perspective
Open Directory viewers INFLICT a gallery upon others’ resources

Can I simply view the directory myself with the web browser?
Sure. Feed the URL to firefox- or opera. But what if there are for or five scroll-pages of potentially awesome content? oh noes! lots of click-view-back

WARNING: Some NSFW usually.  These services are used for less than chaste image surfing.  While they are themselves SFW most usually throw out a gallery of NSFW — deplorable :sigh:.  [default: NSFW]  [default: NSFW]

Here instead are some smilies galleries, which is what I typically feed them

How can I find more OpenDir for smilies or smileys?”Index+of”+(smilies|smileys)&ie=utf-8


StripDir is hands down the best for me so far.

Open Directory browser viewing viewer autoindex fusker alternative


or create a handy thumbnail gallery of all your future new smilies

OpenDir smilies OpenDir smileys free smilies


plays well with firefox extension context menu: Rehost Image


the firefox bookmark library so far



OpenDir browsing is akin to fusker but does not require any legwork or character sequence bracketing!

CAUTION: Fusker is typically used for less than chaste activities.


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help: FFmpeg preset auto selection by file type (windows)

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XP SP2 or XP SP3
either CCCP or roll yer own FFmpeg

I would like a particular video profile preset to be autoloaded by either video codec or file extension.  Ideally some filename triggers would be nice.

No idea… arg… cross post to doom9 seems like a fine idea… low on patience today

looks like a duck

a little dated but a madness for the method on this workstation

FFmpeg automatically select video preset criteria

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May 28, 2010

food for thought police you know

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“If, for example, a man who wants to ascertain a fact does not consult his intellect, but instead claims that his heart tells him what the fact is, he has opened the door to all kinds of illusions”

see also:

Deitrich von Hildebrand would NOT have advocated social networking sites.  Deitrich would have certainly decried self-destructing books:

ISBN: 978-1-58731-560-I  or ISBN: 978-1-58731-5602


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May 25, 2010

godaddy sucks: torments soho webhosters but harbors rogues

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crt isecLAB

godaddy sucks. crippled services at highway robbery prices


“you cannot upload files to a webhosting account” — godaddy ‘support’


Seth Wisely said: godaddy sucks as a registrar. godaddy sucks as a webhost.

May 20, 2010

FTP capable free filehosts

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  • max file size:  1 gig
  • avg upload speed: 150 kB/
  • peak upload speed: 162 kB/s
  • max conn: 8+
  • FTP server:
  • Password: [not the same as site login]

  • max file size:  10 gig
  • avg upload speed: 150 kB/s
  • peak upload speed: 162 kB/s
  • max conn: 1
  • FTP server:
  • Password: [same as site login]
  • f: to

  • max file size:  2 gig
  • avg upload speed: ____ kB/s
  • peak upload speed: _____ kB/s
  • max conn: ___
  • FTP server:
  • Password: [same as site login]


non-multi to speed test 700 megs


another great way to find functional multi-upload services: DO NOT install the crap software



preferred descending – only? one with file manager, a little broken 300 max filesize instead of 600 indicated  – waaaay behind youup in current file sizes

BEFORE investing time uploading a file be sure it is compatible with jDownloader



May 13, 2010

Humans Have a Lot to Learn From Bonobos: limited government and no taxes

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Humans Have a Lot to Learn From Bonobos: limited government, no taxes, for functional happy ‘society’.  Bonobos do not wantonly slaughter their young..

[uploads offline: 100513 limit government or suffer tyranny – flickr rberteig.jpg]

The National “Science” Foundation reached other conclusions.

Seth Wisely said: stop tempting fate

May 8, 2010

pandering to those with no self control? STOP

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Why does the industry cater to fatties who want low calorie ice cream or low fat brownies but will not create zero corn sweetener products for the health conscious?  All of us will die from old.  I would rather not compound death with self inflicted diabetes from corn.

@ corn propagandists

Drinking corn based vehicle fuel in moderation only causes moderate damage?  It’s made from corn so it must be safe?

The sugar “shortage” has been engineered. Fascism + free market = fail! Corn fuel paradise folly.  Unleash the free market and coerced corn growing will cease.  There isn’t enough land in America available to farm enough corn to replace “evil” fossil fuel.  If you’re an envirofacist reading this: shame on you.  The interweb is powered by “evil” fossil fuel.  Disconnect to save the planet!

Stock up on metformin.

Seth Wisely said: choke on your corn, hippies

May 5, 2010

ISP geoip location DHCP opt-out — why do so few people who understand care? (out loud)

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Remember opting-out of 24 dot range with cable modems?  How about a nice privacy feature for $1?  Only the most cretinous would find it challenging to implement.  Browser “opt” out is nowhere near sufficient since google can be trusted about as far as any of us can toss the moon.

privacy is ESSENTIAL to exercise of liberty


OT: Multi-Mcard DIY PVR does not fit into certain peoples’ walled garden mentality.  But random geoip DHCP will not interfere with IPTV draconia (ref “secret” infrastructure docs).

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