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February 25, 2010

Using FFmpeg-MT buils from now on [sic]

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^ so claims the readme notes from the 1020-02-24 build of MPlayer (mulder)

In the huge rush to limit multithreading some letters much be sacrficed [sic]

see also: 2009-02-20, Friday :: Video Acceleration and You [mplayerhq]

NOTE: FFmpeg-mt has problems with packed b-frames.

as amd, the poor intel emulator, plays catchup with intel so goes ati after nvidia with va-api

Not being a doom9 lurker, nor regular cccp wiki contributor much anymore I follow not such issues closely.


Seth Wisely said: hey dev’er leave those codecs alone

July 3, 2009

pente box of death: an entertaining way to win repeatedly

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winner plays first

box of death


repeat until sated




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