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December 3, 2009

@hippies and envirofascists: stop exhaling — make everyone else happy

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Your future is dim and expensive.

‘Renewable’ energy?  Have you found a way around the laws of thermodynamics that you’re keeping to yourselves?  Or from what source of energy_2 are you using to “renew” energy_1?

Addressing envirofascist (green) concerns
1) envirofascist premise: big oil buys competing tech to shelve.

hmm.. 50% of electricity from coal.  how many coal mines has big oil purchased to shut down? oh, that’s zero.    my someone has a false premise

consider the idea that oil supply might be depleted.  oh, hoorah, big oil owns the patents to technology they’re purchased and developed to remain profitable.  The rest of us won’t need live in the cold dark.  Curse them for their foresight?  twits.

2) how are electric cars green (environmentally ‘friendly’)?  Let’s ignore envirofascist sources of energy until the unicorns are found. Let’s now look at how the energy is stored: batteries.  Those batteries are IN NO WAY environmentally ‘friendly’.  Quite the opposite:  they are hazardous- and toxic to man and other parts of nature that have no right to exist.

At the start of the “alternative” (not-oil in envirofascist vocabulary) fuel push ONE BILLION dollars of tax payer reaserch poured into hybrid car development with ZERO results.  No big oil companies involved there.  That’s simply hippie failure.  Pesky laws of thermodynamics.

NUCLEAR IS THE ALTERNATIVE fuel source of the future.  Hydrogen cars are the sane future.  Incidentally both nuclear fuel and fossil fuels ARE SOLAR power.

3) envirofascist premise: big oil responsible for high oil prices.  wrong again.  how many parties are involved from islamese ground to car?  Compare that number to the MUCH SMALLER number of parties involved in domestic oil, most notably oil-rich Alaska.  Less parties = less cost at the pump.   The alaskan oil infrastructure that IS already there BENEFITS nature: the animals receive ‘free’ heat to keep warm.  That cold state, you know the one that happens when the sun, source of global warming (and global cooling), is shining on the other side of the planet, kills animals (evolution).  But since the installation of pipelines those ‘precious’ animals can better survive winter nights.  D’oh: an increased population.

Join with me in the chant: euthanize envirofascists and hippies.  We’ll gain: an increased average IQ, less dead weight in the education system, an end to unconstitutional state run re-education centers, socialism returned to hell, an end to wrong-tolerance, and a return to founding values of AMERICA.

While the tree of liberty will not be satiated with the blood of liberalists… it will be a good start


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