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February 15, 2010

convert videos to watch on apple touch?

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What you are really asking is “How can I transcode videos for my touch?”  First you will need to obtain the container/format specifications your touch device can play.  Until you know this you cannot transcode one into the other (unknown).

An exellent, free, malware-free, non-bloatware application for this purpose available to windows (probably not windows 7 as per usual), osx, and nix is AviDemux.  It does not need to be installed.

Run AviDemux, open your source video from your hard drive, then AFTER obtaining the container/format specifications your touch device can play make the appropriate settings ONCE and save that as a touch profile.

click save to begin the transcode process.  This is simple enough even for ipod fanbois and itards.

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January 5, 2010

farewell imageshack 2009 hello imageshack 2010

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Amidst server 500 errors I nearly gave up on uploading some screenshots.. who knew it was a secret rollout of their new design?


a service that likely arouse out of stumbleupon

Is the imageshack developer an itard?  Or an itard fanboi?

d’oh.. it is my favorite image hosting free webservice… rarely have my images ever been deleted other than by me

there is balance in the imaginary force:  imageshack android application

— if only there was an SRware to make android privacy focused 😐

more upselling maybe more apps but sellout to itards boo


I hope they still have “old” form style uploading so I may continue using dragdropupload firefox extension

Did the ImageBot adware fiasco cause exclusion from the ImageShack third party upload and management tools page?

ImageShack yfrog panders to twit*s

less upselling with this ADP filter:

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