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February 19, 2010

RequestPolicy reveals new MedlinePlus cross site request from

Filed under: fascist fiat — Tags: , , — Seth Wisely @ 14:23 seems to be the latest propagandist tool by greatleader’s socialism administration.

A mere two days ago MedlinePlus,, had no such integration.  More president’s fascist fiat?

Take a moment to share with Health and Human services, the same great people partly responsible for promoting teen fornication, via survey how little you value this infliction.

RequestPolicy is a security enhancing extension for firefox.

An example of the dangers of having free open elections:

A presidential order to change the moon to cheese is as effective


November 12, 2009

what six degrees from Shakespeare implies about the NSA a decade ago

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Magic Lantern a candle in the wind

Have to abuse a few more metaphores

Seth Wisely said: citizens ought spook spooks’ masters

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