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February 29, 2012

facebook users wanting to XMPP third party app, Psi+

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The cause of the proble is that you have changed your facebook privacy settings to “Turn off all apps” (under “Apps and Websites”). This will disable your ability to send messages via jabber, as well as to receive messages sent via jabber. ….To fix the problem, simply enable apps again….. both you *and* the facebook friend you are sending messages to need to have apps enabled for jabber communication to work

I do not use facebook.  I value my privacy: it is not a commodity. Please use an OTR capable client, and enable OTR (auto start / or require).  Psi+ is such a client and is cross-platform.  Unfortunately if you are not installing via PPA (ubuntu) you must manually install the Psi+ OTR plugin (unpack from 7zip archive into plug-ins directory, options plug-ins enable) , or, or gajim. trillian incarnations continue to be evil and must be avoided.

Remember: you used an email address to signup for facebook.  So, yes, you do have an email address.  When you invariably ask “hey, what’s your facebook?” and the privacy aware friend replies “I don’t facebook,” be sure to follow with “what’s your email? oh, and what’s your jabber?”.  play well together nicely.


Seth Wisely said: adjust facebook “privacy” settings to allow external XMPP, but better yet ditch facebook entirely as it is the LEAST common overlap of other mature technologies.. unless you like being raped for profit then signup for all google “free” services, too


February 26, 2011

opencandy *now* deemed malware by antivirus antimalware software

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adware is malware

spyware is malware

opencandy is malware

January 2, 2011

the sky is falling on ad servers and google is losing ground :: reversing the table

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Wladimir is porting AdBlock Plus to Chromium (Chrome). I would preferer a XUL AdBlock Plus appplication as well for more flexibility with more browsers via local proxy.  Leave the browser to browsing, remember proxomitron glory, and maybe someday take a page from “google’s” playbook of multiple processes to keep multiple extension [bloat] from draggin’ us down.

brute force merrily along

[insert how to install adblock plus into droid x here where x could have as easily been y or n]

Seth Wisely said: more good XUL is more better

note to self: about:config trailing space OFF on that one laptop

Seth Wisely said: also thanks and kudos to Wladimir and the adblock pioneers upon whose shoulders he stands

December 31, 2010

allow themselves to be trained to lie and recite HALF truths verizon wireless more successful selling droid x “smart” “phones” prior to giving meth to a baby buy one $99 get one free

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lies pay better.. let’s all have a lie to verizon day!



on the occasion of being asked for phone ‘advice’ the truth rarely disuades one snared by Morning Star’s twinkling light:   it’s not a phone, it’s not a tablet, it’s not smart.  It is an indentity challenged device that’s flat, can make calls though beyond the phone appellation little more regard is offered in marketing, and it’s sly at best running adroid (AOSP).  What is google’s PRIMARY function (yes, all for-profit companies exist to make money) ??   Data minining.  What is google’s SECONDARY function?  Showing ads.

Now 720p is “true HD glory” and 4.3 inches is a “large widescreen”?

If you insist on a droid x, person x, please ‘root’ it and slap in a less creepy ROM.  At the very least you’ll GAIN ADBLOCKING.


Seth Wisely said:  google ought not be trusted especially not this intimately

December 12, 2010

opencandy more evil in google ventures portfolio

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oh noes

opencandy alternatives?  don’t rape user privilege context with adware and malware within your installation wrapper, you evil/lazy wretch!


Seth Wisely said: say no to evil

December 8, 2010

I don’t give a flying monkey about the license terms of a firefox extension I shall do as I please with the software on MY hardware

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byte me

Seth Wisely said: MY terms preempt ALL others. I’m not interested in tolerating the infliction of unpleasantness on myself.  I will take the good and avoid the bad.

October 30, 2010

I can haz CAPS firefox?

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nsCSSFrameConstructor::ContentAppended appendChild method etc

No, let’s ignore the problems some more and hope they go away

Seth Wisely said: it didn’t work for the french either

October 28, 2010

how can paper ballots be hacked?

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oh, right, it’s paper and can’t be hacked.  Holes in paper does not need a technology “upgrade”.  The only acceptable overlay is electronic imaging OF HOLES and NOT BITS.

the hubris of evil will continue to increase.   “didn’t read the bill” .. “harry already checked” .. even the dim will be able to see the hubris soon

Seth Wisely said: NEVER tolerate evil [acts]

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