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September 16, 2009

verizon fios domains whitelisted in 9100em router config : not

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Until I know the purpose of these domains I am not allowing them to ‘secretly’ whitelist them in the 9100em config: — what is the ongoing need to allow this?
— what is the ongoing need to allow this? — some portal features
— I do not want 1960s features in overpriced voip
— no thanks, I do not need you poking about
— smtp?
wget — ‘free’ wifi hotspot bloatware that smells like netzero and?
— what is the ongoing need to allow this?

Advanced Filter Initial outbound and initial inbound rules trump ‘secret’ whitelist:

091010 homey dont think so

This rule set does not break FIOS TV guide data.  I could not care less about VOD and have not tested it.

Other modifications to the configuration file in a text editor are necessary to assure privacy (keep verizon out) and prevent verizon from further raping the firmware with “updates” or having the device destroy itself


solution: demand ethernet from ONT to house.  verizon can provide as many 9100ems as are needed to bridge ethernet to moca for the STBs or DVRs.  No GPON?  They’ll whine that you’ll have to suffer 100 Mbps instead of ~240 Mbps (of version one point zero MoCa) as verizon “opted” not to bother with gigabit ports on the 9100em among other awesome features we mere mortals need not about fret.  Yeah, right, I’ll definitely limit myself to the 9100em.  It is reassuring to see how knowledgeable fios people are.   :sigh:

Seth Wisely said: blind trust in verizon is foolish


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