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November 11, 2010

Adobe may use the Adobe Download Manager to seamlessly install your software? NO absolutely NOT

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boxee box decision to embrace legacy ethernet a joy and a half! Why boxee did you cheap out on me? Why not gigabit ehternet port? I love when your box chokes for bandwidth and the audio sync slips away requiring I stop-start videos! Interestingly boxee box is the least-suck STB media center out of popcorn C200 and WD live tv hd plus

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boxee box could have become the head to a case full of SATA drives connected via port multiplication

Seth Wisely said: boxee box missed the bus not using eSataP (power over sata) ports — usb AND esata per port

so much fun when a firefox profile becomes foobar! javascript trauma left and right breaking pages NoScript removed, error console not much help… hooray getting to create a new profile

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November 10, 2010

oh boxee box I so enjoyed having to provide you an internet connection to ACCESS MY OWN FRACKING FILES on the LAN… yup that is a brilliant design!

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can neither edit nor create bodies for posts am limited to title and publish only gee thanks firefox profile foobar — boxee box obsession with the ‘requirement’ to register a boxee user to use the device with private network NAS!

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received my Boxee Box this morning am less than thrilled and as usual amazon could not be bothered to pad ALL SIX faces of the internal ELECTRONICS item

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November 2, 2010

chemical flower bed, popular mechanics 1927

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  • Get a small goldfish bowl
  • fill the bottom with fine sand to a little over half an inch
  • buy the following from a hardware store or other creative source
    • copper sulphate, two ounces
    • a few small pieces of zinc (size of postage stamp)
    • a few small pieces of alum (aluminum?) enough to fill a tablespoon
    • a teaspoon full of potassium bichromate crystals
    • one can of water glass [sodium silicate solution]
    • three or four inch length of aluminum wire cut into half inch pieces
  • scatter the materials over the sand in the bowl in a “hit or miss” fashion
  • mix one part of the water glass with three parts water
    • pour the mixture slowly over the chemical-strewn sand
  • the depth of liquid should not exceed four to six inches
  • set the bowl aside in a place where it will not be shaken or jarred

“Soon you will see queer little colored growths appearing here and there which in the course of a few days will grow upward and assume various shapes.  In a week or to you will have a chemical garden similar to the one pictured.  You will have some mushrooms, fungi, grasses, beats, and oranges.  Nearly all colors of the spectrum are represented.  Most curious are the growths which extend downward into the sand along the sides of glass.  If left undisturbed the chemical flower bed will grow for weeks.  And then like living things the growths will slowly disintegrate.”




The alternative to buying the magic rocks kit (or other crystal growing kit) from a toy store.  Magic rocks grow TOO quickly compared to the chemical flower bed.


1985 materials update for chemical flower bed

  • glass jar
  • tweezers or tiny spoon
  • 300 mL water
  • 150 mL sodium silicate
  • Chromium chloride (green) solid
  • Ferric chloride (orange) solid
  • Aluminum potassium sulfate (white) solid
  • Cobalt chloride (purple) solid


for more variations interweb search:  Chemical Demonstrations, American Chemical Society


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voting multiple dozens of times legally

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I create a voting guide each year for people who either don’t have time to do ALL their own research or sadly who cannot be bothered to be informed.  Obviously I don’t literally vote more than once myself.

I never have less voting influence each year. Have poor penmanship?  Beware of voting by mail as your signature must match your voter signature card.   Register for vote by mail but bring the secure-PAPER ballot to your respective polling place.

I prefer paper ballots so I register for vote by mail and drop it into the box at the polling location.

Seth Wisely said: mwahahaha

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