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January 17, 2010

MediaCoder no longer hosted on SourceForge. How’s that license taste now, Stanley?

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MediaCoder, now with malware inside, no longer has a home on SorceForge

Another Official Stanley Rant: mediacoder-is-no-longer-hosted-on-sourceforge-net

One cannot unGPL another’s work.

I have some Engrish labels I received around Christmas to scan and share.  Too bad there’s not enough material for a stangrish site:

They spread words here and there about some disputable and untruthful facts.

No open statements on malware? Adware? unwantedware?  No link to untruthful fact refutations?


As Stanley’s honor  is dubious at best MC installs will first be tested in a clean XP virtual machine.


October 31, 2009 : best free adblocking choice for IE8 IE7 IE6?? NO, NOT at all! Privacy concerns among other reasons: stay away

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simple-adblock is NOT the adblocking for IE you were looking for (do not install simple-adblock). Sure it does hide ads better than most IE addons, but it is sneaky-ware with less than honorable intentions.

Is this an appropriate IE plugin?  Are you comfortable with it assigning you a unique id (much like chrome) and logging your username and computername?  If major privacy issues are not your concern this might be the adblock plugin for you. ver 079

Two files storing your uniqueness:

%appdata%\Simple Adblock\settings.ini

Plus some phone home issues..  only with uniqueness can these be used is shared (same A record) with some questionable (SEO) domains:

digging a bit deeper  []

ad aid?  it seems to store mirrors, albeit old mirrors, of easylist

or are they?

d’oh:  NS

but wait there’s more

danish 2 english
“18 September fell cited: Aidonline concept is crystal clear illegal!”

setting aside the evil here are the good points (which do not justify use)

supports the AdBlock Plus format (fully?)

Filter format
In your personal filter file you can add your own filter rules. For the changes to take effect, you need to open a new tab or window (note in IE 6 and IE 7 you need to open a new window)

The filter rules are identical to the format defined by adblockplus, hence you can copy your own filter list created with Adblockplus to this file. The filter format is defined in:

has element hiding, too

donationware? or faustianware?

MSDN IE developers thread

some interesting points from IE simple-adblock FAQ

Q: Can I edit my own filters with simple adblock?
Simple Adblock is supposed to be easy for everyone to use. Therefore that is not an option, but we are working on a way to make it easy to edit filters and hide elements.

Until then we have made a temporary workaround: personal filters

yay? no.

the downside of simple-adblock: it appears to generate and log unique user ids for each install.  creepy, yes?  But wait there’s more

IE adblockers in descending order of awesomeness (ignoring all downsides)

simple-adblock > adblock pro > quero > adblock IE > privoxy > IE8 inprivate > adbrick > proxomitron > ad muncher > hosts

IE8 is extremely far behind firefox in adblocking, annoyance removal, and security widgets.  T

simple-adblock for the low low price of waiving privacy for equally questionable security. simple-adblock is NOT the adblocking for IE you were looking for

This leaves it a tossup for addons between adblock pro (shareware) and quero

Seth Wisely said: simple-adblock has the best potential but has outstanding privacy concerns

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