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February 11, 2011

spamming assholes continue to enable other spamming faggots

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xor, freakynuts, staicamusc, bruteforce, d6bmg, uuqcam, tvdev, and all others who use this forum mod are spamming assholes. For best results filter out their forum in interweb search results, and blacklist URI….. unless you enjoy a healthy arms race, too πŸ˜‰


fake email?

I would like a firefox extension for filtering out Fake-Integrity to deter signing up at spammer’s forums.Β  The only reason to reject use of DEA is to spam more easily and spam more often.



October 22, 2010

fear of the Lord

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as atheism is self-refuting: foolish attack on certitude or knowability.Β  intellectually dishonest.

as agnosticism is a different flavor of lazy.Β  intellectual slot.

weak theism admits of another kind of intellectual problem: fear

strong theism: be not afraid

knowability, first mover, revelation, immediacy of God and His expectations, fear of the Lord, hope trust obedience cycle of good love

God continuously manifests Himself to us through His church and glaringly in the Mass.Β  Jesus Himself, His personhood and being, through transubstantiation is for me now more God’s now than I can handle, but I expect that will remain constant despite unfolding knowledge.Β  I hope that I can better cooperate in becoming more capable of receiving His love.

Seth Wisely said: humility is easy conceptually challenging in action to turn inward dwelling to openness


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