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November 10, 2009

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I do not use pay-per-click schemes as I’m intensely anti-spam.  Coupon sites that use obfuscation urls or pay-per-click are NOT to be trusted; they’ll get paid whether or not you receive what they promise.

Another way to find ‘legit’ contest/promotions… from existing contests  (yes, it is obvious, but this is the interweb we share with iTards)

You enter the kodak ‘signup for junkmail for a shiny bobble’.. in this case a $15 gift cert.

091101 promo eprize search


and think to yourself: “Self, I bet searching for the third level domain would be interesting” and so you do:

wow, that was easy…. too easy?

091101 promo eprize search google site modifier time recent


Yahoo is the only one of the top webmail providers to offer INTEGRATED disposable email service.  Create a new DEA alias for every contest entry: to make it easy to get the goods and ditch the marketing.  Gmail plus addressing is NOT DEA.

091101 yahoo address guard dea integration

It’s as easy as but with fewer features.

091101 sneakemail 3 preview

Trick or Treat

trick: give up enough info to bring a smile to the face of an identity thief

treat: a coupon or a tiny chance to win a big prize

Seth Wisely said: earn money to spend instead of burning time hoping for money


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