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November 21, 2009

large hadron collider scam back online, Master Control Program

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When did metaphysics become the domain of science?

Re-education centers for American teenagers inject metaphysics into science classrooms.  _That_ question is not within the scope of science.  Neither the currently proposed answer nor intelligent design theories belong in a science classroom.  If one then the other.. in an appropriate class.

Hopefully Kruschev victory is not upon us and there is still time to teach youth logic instead of critical “thinking”. [insert cliche Einstein quote linked to Aristotle here].  Let’s start with abandoning the Murtha counting system.

The collider is a brilliant annual salary scheme: looking for cause per se in materialism terms… ad infinitum

They will have my support when they can “go completely green” or when unicorns lower monthly electric bills.

Seth Wisely said: there is no spoon particle

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