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June 11, 2010

do it yourself font creation & finding free fonts [1]

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notes for me.. if good for you then hazah for you… notes in progress as I also work to find a suitable snippet firefox extension


generally free

open type, PS (CFF) [otf]


type 1



TTF: bleck … [ttf] : set license=free,results=60



open type, TT [ttf]


web fonts


free font crafting software – cross platform – windows – mac

Luc’s List


_creating free fonts in FontForge

all tutorials

_creating free fonts in Adobe Illustrator

ot: photoshop: apply OpenType features

_creating free fonts in corel draw

old enough to be archived

_ creating fonts with software not designed with fonts as a goal

pre-requisite to creating free fonts in Inkscape

degrading fonts in Inkscape , manual kerning in inkscape ,

Every instance of Inkspace should have been Inkscape. I’m done trying to stop that typo or correcting it.

_panning for gold with saintly patience

. I want

. carriage returns where I want them dot dot


_ font creation tips or tutorials


not free font crafting software

_rambly comparison of HighLogic to FontLab

HighLogic’s Font Creator Pro is far more affordable for the average guy for “messing” with fonts than is the way more powerful FontLab Studio for half the price of the latter and more power than the former wait for “FontLab” Fontographer 5 to be released.  FontLab TypeTool is $99 as is HighLogic Font Creator Home… wait strike that HighLogic Font Creator Home edition is now $20 less than TypeTool ooh ahh?  FontLab ScanFont 5 (2007) at $99 only functions as a plug-in to their other software (whereas version 3 of ScanFont AFAIK was a stand alone application.  HighLogic ScanAHand Premium (2010 and updated way more often) is $79, stand alone, incorporates signature features less circuitously than the standard edition, but I have not had the opportunity to compare functionality first hand.  I have neither used ScanFont 5 nor ScanAHand.  ScanFont 3 was awesome.  HighLogic Main Type, a font manager, is a must have if you (obsessively) collect fonts.  Create (overlapping) groups of fonts, unload all but XP’s required fonts, then load (as opposed to install) on the fly as needed — similarly unload on the fly.  Plays well with Adobe products.  The FontLab products can save fonts with cubic bezier whereas the HighLogic products cannot.


yes, yes, bezier this bezier that

Quadratic (TrueType) v. cubic (Type 1) Bezier curves

wow! Luc’s font site is still online

Bezier conversions (quadratic to cubic)

conversion of TrueType fonts to PostScript ones is an exact science (aside from other factors such as scale and hinting), but conversion of PostScript fonts to TrueType is only a close approximation. The irony is that most commercial TrueType fonts have been designed as PostScript curves, and then converted to TrueType.

A Type 1 font can be converted into CFF/Type2 format, and back to Type 1 again, without any loss of quality.

way too much informaiton


interesting fonty stuff [extract font from PDF (without the need to run ubuntu in VM)]

Sure you could sell the free fonts you have created but unless you are a stellar artist or already well recognized do your ego a favor and give the fonts away freely

Seth Wisely said: if you want a free font done your way do it yourself

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