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January 12, 2011

Droid X / Incredible and SIP (voip) apps less than impressive

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droid x [ SIPdroid + ] = uLaw only, called party unable to hear my audio, I can hear my echo, in handset mode (not speakerphone, not blewtooth)

droid (x|incredible) [ SIPdroid + LES ] = uLaw only, called party unable to hear my audio, I can hear my echo, in handset mode (not speakerphone, not blewtooth)

SIPdroid + SipSorcery next … but that’ll not solve the audio stream issues.  STUN yes/no … no joy.

SIPdroid seems to really really want use of PBXes.  More power to them if they have developed a partnership of play well togetherness

droid x [ IAXagent + ] uLaw only, slightly less horrible than SIPdroid

droid x [AntiSIP +]

droid bionic [IAXagent +]

droid bionic [antiSIP +]

droid bionic [antiSIP + LES]

droid bionic [SipDroid + SipSorcery]

all destinations are non-mobile PSTN unless otherwise specified

ITSP currently:, viatalk, LES

plan to BYOD ITSP: future nine, voipo,

fring?  must I?

STUN: ekiga, numb, or vtnoc




root + malware (adware “free” apps) == BAD waiting to happen.  Please privilege surf responsibly.   ALWAYS take a moment to warn others that a “free” app is ADWARE.



October 22, 2010

my phone number or phone number for the blog

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I’m debating buying a DID solely for this blog.   Hate mail is fun.. but with hate voicemail there can be no mistake about tone.   I’m not worried about threats; the FBI can handle those nicely.

Maybe I should only offer a SIP URI?  No cost incurred, but then only the savvy would call?

I have been discussing some inventive uses for IVR with an online friend.  He started it, I improved it and so began an arms race of IVR hackery.  More on that soon.. or once the ITSP works out the kinks


edit: now possible to reach me

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June 21, 2010

FonSwitch to implement SIP Broker facility

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I have it on good authority that is going to add SIP Broker functionality: both FonSwitch SIPbroker incoming and FonSwitch SIP broker outgoing


update:  FonSwitch now has a SIPbroker extension!

FonSwitch SIPbroker sip code is *9963

Aaron will be pleased….

ooh look new buttons

Seth Wisely said: respect our FonSwitch developers

April 7, 2010

when free requires payment it’s not free.. duh?

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inum is free after you pay money in many cases. wow, what a not great deal!  Some FEW providers honor the American language and provide an inum at no cost.  Thanks: VoxAlot, FonSwitch, Callcentric

SIP Broker supported providers are far less hassle than inum in certain cases

I’ll be sure to post when I find a provider on the inum list that provides an inum and inbound use without a fee.. until then it’s a bait n switch scam

  • callcentric inum is free when you don’t live in the USA for e911 recovery fee *nod* *wink*. If you do live in the USA it will cost $5.  callcentric, however, does really offer free SIP URI calls. Callcentric provides its own set of PSTN gateway numbers for fee-calling [not free] or for calling other SIP/iNum callcentric clients.  There were too many characters needed in a dialstring for my phone but it is likely possible with the new $50/mo data penalty “smart” phones.
  • FonSwitch inum is free.  NO purchase required. Instantly added to account after selection from a dropdown.  FonSwitch offers free SIP URI calls
  • VoiceMeUp “free” inum offer is not free
  • BlasterPhone “free” inum costs $5 and requires gateway to “directly” call iNum. “inum available to paying customers only”
  • voxalot issues inum to all basic accounts: +883 5100 04 xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is your Voxalot number)

I don’t expect free service arbitrarily; I do however expect integrity.  Stand by your offer.

updated: corrections applied. Callcentric is free when you don’t “live” in the USA 😉 FonSwitch is always free inum no crazy e911 recovery fee AND they allow you to choose an iNum to your liking from a block of iNums.

Actually free iNum SIP providers

  • callcentric
    • free iNum
    • no SIP SIMPLE presence
      • must emulate presence with jabber [XMPP] (softphones)
    • free voicemail
    • server side filtering [limited]
    • web UA registration status
    • no SIP trace
  • fonswitch
    • free iNum
    • SIP SIMPLE presence
    • free voicemail
    • no server side filtering
    • web UA registration status
    • no SIP trace
  • voxalot basic
    • free iNum (provider iNum prefix + usernumber)
    • unknown SIP SIMPLE presence
    • unknown voicemail freeness
    • unknown server side filtering
    • web UA registration status
    • no SIP trace

I earnestly appreciate being corrected; I own- and apologize for my errors.  One gains nothing by willful ignorance.

presence: RFC 3856/5264? et al

I’m always on the look out for ways for friends’ families money to keep in touch (internationally) inexpensively.  For those who have free incoming mobile calls (UK/EU?)I would hope incoming SIP calls would be similarly free; iNum fits the bill nicely as the dialing party [ultimately] need not fuss with PSTN gateways or codes.  Rather than suggesting they invest in an excellent headset I suggest they opt for an ATA for “normal” phones.  ITSP and similar are kind enough to provide the free SIP calls, peering aside, it’s a “do a good turn daily” opportunity.  I have been recommending the SPA2102 with latest Cisco firmware for home users behind cheap ISP CPE (with joyously crippleware NAT) other suggestions will be warmly received.  Verizon FIOS westell gateways are the worst for ATA behind NAT with ‘SIP ALG’ that is nearly impossible to disable depending on firmware- and hardware versions.  It seems walled garden is not far enough; FIOS gateways seem hell bent on raping SIP.

future checks

  • SIP Presence subscriptions : SIP SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY
  • SIP Presence publishing : SIP PUBLISH
  • SIP Presence document : SIP PIDF

last updated 100617 UTC

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