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February 29, 2012

facebook users wanting to XMPP third party app, Psi+

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The cause of the proble is that you have changed your facebook privacy settings to “Turn off all apps” (under “Apps and Websites”). This will disable your ability to send messages via jabber, as well as to receive messages sent via jabber. ….To fix the problem, simply enable apps again….. both you *and* the facebook friend you are sending messages to need to have apps enabled for jabber communication to work

I do not use facebook.  I value my privacy: it is not a commodity. Please use an OTR capable client, and enable OTR (auto start / or require).  Psi+ is such a client and is cross-platform.  Unfortunately if you are not installing via PPA (ubuntu) you must manually install the Psi+ OTR plugin (unpack from 7zip archive into plug-ins directory, options plug-ins enable) , or, or gajim. trillian incarnations continue to be evil and must be avoided.

Remember: you used an email address to signup for facebook.  So, yes, you do have an email address.  When you invariably ask “hey, what’s your facebook?” and the privacy aware friend replies “I don’t facebook,” be sure to follow with “what’s your email? oh, and what’s your jabber?”.  play well together nicely.


Seth Wisely said: adjust facebook “privacy” settings to allow external XMPP, but better yet ditch facebook entirely as it is the LEAST common overlap of other mature technologies.. unless you like being raped for profit then signup for all google “free” services, too

July 12, 2011

ads on drugs tormenting users thanks mozilla

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consider all the fantastic ways advertisers will abuse this technology to torment and violate surfers!

the professional privacy-rapists will be gleeful


March 3, 2011

verizon wireless provides guide to have account canceled WITHOUT early termination fee

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Help them help you:

What Are Verizon Wireless’ Rights to Limit or End Service or End This Agreement?

We can, without notice, limit, suspend or end your Service or any agreement with you for any good cause, including, but not limited to: (1) if you: (a) breach this agreement; (b) resell your Service; (c) use your Service for any illegal purpose, including use that violates trade and economic sanctions and prohibitions promulgated by any U.S. governmental agency; (d) install, deploy or use any regeneration equipment or similar mechanism (for example, a repeater) to originate, amplify, enhance, retransmit or regenerate an RF signal without our permission; (e) steal from or lie to us; or, if you’re a Postpay customer, (f) pay late more than once in any 12 months; (g) incur charges larger than a required deposit or billing limit, or materially in excess of your monthly access charges (even if we haven’t yet billed the charges); (h) provide credit information we can’t verify; or (i) are unable to pay us or go bankrupt; or (2) if you, any user of your device or any account manager on your account: (a) threaten, harass, or use vulgar and/or inappropriate language toward our representatives; (b) interfere with our operations; (c) “spam,” or engage in other abusive messaging or calling; (d) modify your device from its manufacturer’s specifications; or (e) use your Service in a way that negatively affects our network or other customers. We can also temporarily limit your Service for any operational or governmental reason.


February 26, 2011

opencandy *now* deemed malware by antivirus antimalware software

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adware is malware

spyware is malware

opencandy is malware

February 11, 2011

spamming assholes continue to enable other spamming faggots

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xor, freakynuts, staicamusc, bruteforce, d6bmg, uuqcam, tvdev, and all others who use this forum mod are spamming assholes. For best results filter out their forum in interweb search results, and blacklist URI….. unless you enjoy a healthy arms race, too 😉


fake email?

I would like a firefox extension for filtering out Fake-Integrity to deter signing up at spammer’s forums.  The only reason to reject use of DEA is to spam more easily and spam more often.


January 24, 2011

notes to self for later posting post pub

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when ad whores infect capchae:

a new challenge for adblock plus

Learned something new in photoshop.  I created a rectangular selection/mask for each ad area to highlight (by not dimmig with dark layer), and rotated it.  After saving one to a new channel I deselected all, and created the other selection and saved to a channel.  Now how can I have both selections loaded simultaneously to run the blackout action?  hmmm

Load selection from channel “right”.  Save selection to new channel “additive set”.  Load selection from channel “left”.  Save selection to _existing_ channel “additive’ and tick the second option “add to channel”.  Deselect all.   Load selection from channel “additive set” and voila: both rotated rectangular selections active and ready to feed to action (invert selection, create new lawyer, fill black, decrease opacity)

No to figure out how to do that in GIMP (GIMPhoto)





January 12, 2011

Droid X / Incredible and SIP (voip) apps less than impressive

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droid x [ SIPdroid + ] = uLaw only, called party unable to hear my audio, I can hear my echo, in handset mode (not speakerphone, not blewtooth)

droid (x|incredible) [ SIPdroid + LES ] = uLaw only, called party unable to hear my audio, I can hear my echo, in handset mode (not speakerphone, not blewtooth)

SIPdroid + SipSorcery next … but that’ll not solve the audio stream issues.  STUN yes/no … no joy.

SIPdroid seems to really really want use of PBXes.  More power to them if they have developed a partnership of play well togetherness

droid x [ IAXagent + ] uLaw only, slightly less horrible than SIPdroid

droid x [AntiSIP +]

droid bionic [IAXagent +]

droid bionic [antiSIP +]

droid bionic [antiSIP + LES]

droid bionic [SipDroid + SipSorcery]

all destinations are non-mobile PSTN unless otherwise specified

ITSP currently:, viatalk, LES

plan to BYOD ITSP: future nine, voipo,

fring?  must I?

STUN: ekiga, numb, or vtnoc




root + malware (adware “free” apps) == BAD waiting to happen.  Please privilege surf responsibly.   ALWAYS take a moment to warn others that a “free” app is ADWARE.


January 9, 2011

appbrain, f-droid, and?

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When an android phone is inflicted on you which app reviewing system?

appbrain seems nice, AppStoreHQ is a bit creepy, but seems more ambitious  F/OSS.  yes, REAL freeware.. ZERO malware (adware).  yay.

Seth Wisely said: DEATH to malware, and a flogging devs who release adware to android market

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