Seth Wisely said

December 19, 2009

firefox extension suggestions for December 2009

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@ karma blocker

+ context menu to initiate rule creation


@ TooManyTabs

+ context menu to send links directly to TMT without having first opened them

I could drag link to (desktop) folder (shortcut) as I do now
or I could r-click “Bookmark this link”

+ “show X rows” should work akin to Tab Kit tab rows.  If 2 then show 2 rows if array of tabs with (minimum) width exceeds FX window width otherwise show only 1 row.  X should be the limit of rows to show


@ Tab Kit

+ learn to play well with- or incorporate code from:  Aging Tabs, ChromaTabs Plus.
+ be able to hand off control of “tab coloring” and “appearance”


@ ChromaTabs Plus , Aging Tabs

+ learn to play well with Tab Kit
+ learn to play well with Aging Tags
+ learn to play well with ChromaTabs Plus


@ firefox (“community” edition)

+ adopt priorities for both browser features- and extension’s functions possibly similar to Windows DirectShow filters


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