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December 8, 2010

walgreens sells email database received skype phishing — thanks to disposable email address easy to stop spam flow in more likely event walgreens phishing email from stolen list

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thanks walgreens for the coupons and complimentary phishing attempts…. if not stolen then all confidence LOST in your online pharmacy services… fortunately I do not believe in using such “convenient” tools.. imagine the fun

example phishing email sent to DEA exclusively provided to walgreens

Walgreens took great care to guard their privacy feedback email:

Yahoo webmail is less than useful.  It will no longer allow me to reply as-from the AddressGuard address to which email is sent.  (pick Address Guard address in “from” drop down in compose reply pane).  Attempt to send, correctly solve feckless captcha

and then this additional nonsense….

The message you composed has not been sent. Such message blocks are usually caused by sending a message whose content has triggered our spam filters, or by sending to too many recipients at a given time. We encourage you to carefully review the recipient list and contents (including URLs therein) of your message before attempting to resend it. 

If you think that you received this message in error, or are receiving it persistently, please read this FAQ for more information and to request Customer Care assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


I don’t want an apology.  I want to be able to send as from the yahoo disposable email address I created….  as I have been able to do since the addition of AddressGuard, and before that with other email addresses or free disposable email address services like or

circumventing requires picking primary yahoo address in From drop down.  yeah, that’s not going to happen — yahoo has defeated the entire value of yahoo AddressGuard.  (yahoo inflicts similar hassle when composing new email to friends, family, or cowordkers using from-as AddressGuard or from-as another Disposable Email Address).  no send joy

Why prompt for “from” information in new disposable email address creation pane?

with confidently signup to receive that one coupon you want without offering up your account to be raped.  Get what you want.. when the spam started simply deleted the AddressGuard overlay (forwarding) address.

Sure, it’s NOWHERE near as awesome as TMDA… but it was once a flawless integration of DEA with email provider.  Gmail’s (not new) plus addressing or dot placement is a joke by comparison.

“You can create disposable addresses to use whenever you don’t want to share your real Yahoo! Mail address,” or so yahoo claims

captcha within the webmail interface will not significantly reduce spam.. duh?  hello, yahoo?  Please stop tormenting the innocent like unconstitutional anti-self-defense fascist laws


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September 21, 2009

Zone Salting with

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Zone Salting continues… is onboard free Disposable Email Address service grants a forwarding alias from a ‘random’ draw of registered domains.  However the assigned username works with any registered zone.

DEA last for user selected period from an hour to a year, can be extended or canceled.

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self destructing services help re-educate unwashed masses using email

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The largest source of spam for me is the VAST unwashed masses using email.  Those people blissfully unaware that email predates the interweb.  I no longer have the patience to re-educate each on BCC and email netiquette so I have finally accepted the necessity of proximate circles of trust.  The more trusted the contact the better email contact information provided.  My peripheral email address uses self destructing images, self destructing URLs, and disposable email aliases to send content that is likely to tempt the ignorant into mashing her FWD button.

drop : media :: (kicknotes or stealthmessage) : text :: (vapurl or urlgone or ephemurl) : url (expire: week, month, year: exactly or since last access) (expire by days or clicks or combination.  can track usage) (expire by days) (expire by days (DO NOT give it email address other than DEA to collect URL to email yourself)

When their respective recipients receive the email with URLs to content that is no longer available the feedback loop discourages them from forwarding my email.

^ I have been emailing various services for more than a year pressing for self expiring options. Seemingly there are many new fruits of this effort.  :-}

This is far more convenient that using a cPanel webhost for DIY expiration. (ftp + mod_rewrite + cron + pixie dust)

entertaining variations

self destructing crypto key for text posting

vapurl alternative: or
urlgone alternative: or
kicknotes alternative:
sturly alternatives: or or alternative: (weak alternative for media)

alternatively alternatives: or — with original credit to akebono then DMOZ

self destructing alternatives to pastebin:


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June 5, 2009

Zone Salting

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Today begins a new large scale social engineering project… with email:

Zone Salting

aka: Salting the Zone

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