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February 26, 2011

opencandy *now* deemed malware by antivirus antimalware software

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adware is malware

spyware is malware

opencandy is malware


February 11, 2011

spamming assholes continue to enable other spamming faggots

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xor, freakynuts, staicamusc, bruteforce, d6bmg, uuqcam, tvdev, and all others who use this forum mod are spamming assholes. For best results filter out their forum in interweb search results, and blacklist URI….. unless you enjoy a healthy arms race, too πŸ˜‰


fake email?

I would like a firefox extension for filtering out Fake-Integrity to deter signing up at spammer’s forums.Β  The only reason to reject use of DEA is to spam more easily and spam more often.


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