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November 18, 2009

dear spammers… hope you get some interesting feedback

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‘slightly’ edited comment from Oki Reganoto and Ayu Dhien :


Oki Reganoto
Apartemen Simprug Indah unit 1703
Jakarta 12220, Jakarta
+6281325358925… now 6285641751105

Are there medals for spamming in Indonesia? Or only for awesome gubenurs?

Bibit Waluyo, gubenur of central java, indonesia

what would Bibit Waluyo do?

Maybe he’ll share his cake?

cake or death? bitbit made the obvious choice

Hope no one spams your f*cebook wall, Ayu.

Oki Reganoto has no time to maintain his f*cebook profile as he has a lucrative job as a network engineer having mastered “where each appropriate plug goes into”.– I didn’t invent that for him.


Seth Wisely said: the interweb is tiny when you have a unique name



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