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February 25, 2010

Using FFmpeg-MT buils from now on [sic]

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^ so claims the readme notes from the 1020-02-24 build of MPlayer (mulder)

In the huge rush to limit multithreading some letters much be sacrficed [sic]

see also: 2009-02-20, Friday :: Video Acceleration and You [mplayerhq]

NOTE: FFmpeg-mt has problems with packed b-frames.

as amd, the poor intel emulator, plays catchup with intel so goes ati after nvidia with va-api

Not being a doom9 lurker, nor regular cccp wiki contributor much anymore I follow not such issues closely.


Seth Wisely said: hey dev’er leave those codecs alone


January 17, 2010

MediaCoder no longer hosted on SourceForge. How’s that license taste now, Stanley?

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MediaCoder, now with malware inside, no longer has a home on SorceForge

Another Official Stanley Rant: mediacoder-is-no-longer-hosted-on-sourceforge-net

One cannot unGPL another’s work.

I have some Engrish labels I received around Christmas to scan and share.  Too bad there’s not enough material for a stangrish site:

They spread words here and there about some disputable and untruthful facts.

No open statements on malware? Adware? unwantedware?  No link to untruthful fact refutations?


As Stanley’s honor  is dubious at best MC installs will first be tested in a clean XP virtual machine.

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