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November 16, 2009

CEASE tolerating liberalists using their defective vocabulary — do not employ their abuse of the American language

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A circle is not a square.  It is a not-square; this is not a kind of square.  [The two words may be joined but the joining per se does not effect a change in definition for square].  A circle, or a not-square, does not meet the definition of a square.  “Gay marriage” and “illegal immigrant” are examples of a similar abuse of “kind”.  “gay marriage” is not a kind of marriage; “illegal immigrant is not a kind of immigrant.”

That’s food for thought for a future “discussion” (in liberalese discussion means I talk you listen AND agree); I shall accept dissenting comments.  (This, however, is not an offer of immunity — defective ideologies will be eviscerated)

When engaging liberalists on the topic DO NOT adopt their abuse of the American language.  Those to which they refer are properly “invaders“:

they are here without consent;

they are here illegally;

they are criminals by definition.

Seth Wisely said: speak truthfully or not at all


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