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May 30, 2010

an awesome Open Directory browser and some other Open Directory viewers

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About opendir on apache2

What is an OpenDir?
A directory on a webserver that does not have an index file. Without this a module of the webserver instead displays a list of all the files — much like what an index.html originally did — unless that feature- or module has been disabled (and it ought not be).

Another perspective
Open Directory viewers INFLICT a gallery upon others’ resources

Can I simply view the directory myself with the web browser?
Sure. Feed the URL to firefox- or opera. But what if there are for or five scroll-pages of potentially awesome content? oh noes! lots of click-view-back

WARNING: Some NSFW usually.  These services are used for less than chaste image surfing.  While they are themselves SFW most usually throw out a gallery of NSFW — deplorable :sigh:.  [default: NSFW]  [default: NSFW]

Here instead are some smilies galleries, which is what I typically feed them

How can I find more OpenDir for smilies or smileys?”Index+of”+(smilies|smileys)&ie=utf-8


StripDir is hands down the best for me so far.

Open Directory browser viewing viewer autoindex fusker alternative


or create a handy thumbnail gallery of all your future new smilies

OpenDir smilies OpenDir smileys free smilies


plays well with firefox extension context menu: Rehost Image


the firefox bookmark library so far



OpenDir browsing is akin to fusker but does not require any legwork or character sequence bracketing!

CAUTION: Fusker is typically used for less than chaste activities.


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