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January 24, 2011

notes to self for later posting post pub

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when ad whores infect capchae:

a new challenge for adblock plus

Learned something new in photoshop.  I created a rectangular selection/mask for each ad area to highlight (by not dimmig with dark layer), and rotated it.  After saving one to a new channel I deselected all, and created the other selection and saved to a channel.  Now how can I have both selections loaded simultaneously to run the blackout action?  hmmm

Load selection from channel “right”.  Save selection to new channel “additive set”.  Load selection from channel “left”.  Save selection to _existing_ channel “additive’ and tick the second option “add to channel”.  Deselect all.   Load selection from channel “additive set” and voila: both rotated rectangular selections active and ready to feed to action (invert selection, create new lawyer, fill black, decrease opacity)

No to figure out how to do that in GIMP (GIMPhoto)






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