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February 15, 2010

convert videos to watch on apple touch?

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What you are really asking is “How can I transcode videos for my touch?”  First you will need to obtain the container/format specifications your touch device can play.  Until you know this you cannot transcode one into the other (unknown).

An exellent, free, malware-free, non-bloatware application for this purpose available to windows (probably not windows 7 as per usual), osx, and nix is AviDemux.  It does not need to be installed.

Run AviDemux, open your source video from your hard drive, then AFTER obtaining the container/format specifications your touch device can play make the appropriate settings ONCE and save that as a touch profile.

click save to begin the transcode process.  This is simple enough even for ipod fanbois and itards.

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October 13, 2009

as if being an iTard was not bad enough.. with BuddyCloud you can have iStalkers too

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let iStalkers know your position.. combine with twit* for a real entertaining outdoor experience

not enough?  also try PALringo

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