Seth Wisely said

November 19, 2009

US Post Office ought redirect children’s letters to Santa (at the North Pole) of REAL need to charitable organizations

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USPS already has the system for scanning addresses.  Privacy apologetics aside USPS OCR technology could easily be applied to identify letters from other than materialistic children… the letters that would bring a grown man to tears … and turn them over to chartible organizations like churches and other philanthropists.  Surely even contratheists could agree on this Christmas plan.

“Dear Santa, mom is very sick she almost never gets out of bed and is bleeding” — that kind of heart wrenching child’s writing.

We, the keepers of Western Civilization, ought use technology (the fruits of embracing our God given freedom) in service of the highest good, love, and truth.

Seth Wisely said: God have mercy on those who fail chidren

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