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February 14, 2010

developers and programmers less install wrappers please more stand alone applications not co-enabled by registry

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To be completely honest, innounp is one of the reasons I myself use Inno Setup for all of my installers – I LIKE the fact that my users have this capability, if they so choose. As an NSIS installer user (for Gaim, FileZilla, and many others), I HATE the fact that I cannot extract files from the installer without installing it, adding who knows what to my registry, copy the files out of the installed directory, uninstall it, then deal with anything it may have left behind. It’s a pain in the rear, and I’m sure many people on this forum would agree with me (especially considering NSIS has been the number one request for Universal Extractor).

example of the kind of developer SLOTH that inevitably leads to problems: dandaman32


@other developers and programmers

yes, please.  installers merely copy junk for the sheeple and make needless system changes that annoy the rest of us.  Please create more stand alone applications (think OSX) without retarded use of dependencies (same place as exe is a great place to start.. since that’s the first place already start there).

Even when I can uniextract I run in VM prior to workstation to proof application is not inclined to perform nefarious deeds.  If only the wonks who create “portable” applications would verify they make ZERO system impact.  Change to- and change back registry is TWO changes not zero.

Save settings in local text file in a format that is human readable.  The registry is heroin.  Read it if you must but NO changes: bloat is irreversible cancer

installshield upgrades for uniextract

we want an OS that will respect us not honor the fascist whims of hollywood.  My *nix doesn’t  wend to hollywill, my XP last MS refuge.  Even vista (aka windows 7) released an emulator for XP (vm) for its superiority

Seth Wisely said: OSX will crush MS bloatOS as MS creates new OSX soho base


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