Seth Wisely said

October 21, 2009

czar mark lloyd will help loose us from the yolk of freedom! yay?

Mark lloyd, czar extraordinaire, has a great point… the free market does not allow socialists to have a dominant voice that PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN TO… especially if they don’t think so. Soon we will no longer be afflicted with freedom’s burden!  We will have license to select one choice from one choice.

When the free market is allowed to persist those in favor of socialism do not have the voice they deserve. That space is currently taken by what the market wants. The people are being deprived the privilege of hearing the mellifluous words of socialist apologists which is itself a denial of the first amendment rights of those who do not have their own show.

It is so obvious. Why will no one listen? oh, yeah, the market of ideas. Soon, soon, America, Mark Lloyd will help: there will only be state-approved stations. You will be required to listen to those stations a few hours a day as your community service to the USSA. No radio will be manufactured with an off mode. It will be illegal to disable this state issued broadcast device in your home.

Obama’s administration  is saving us from choice more each day! When ultimately will we be loosed from the yolk of freedom?

Seth Wisely said: choice is not justification — the contrarian position embraced by society thus far is leading to this delightfully ‘just’ end


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