Seth Wisely said

September 27, 2010

oh, firefox “upgrades, how I so delight in major version changes

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yes, so much enjoyment from core changes breaking all the extensions that customize MY experience.  So much wrenching joy waiting on extension fixes or hacked solutions to be manifested by third parties — no parties there.

I am sure I’ll love the new built-in tab management system inflicted on 4-users.

I like my piro extensions, thanks.  I like reliability and dependability of interface.  No one sane uses bare-firefox.

And the extensions “manager”.  Great name.  Let’s all call it the extension listifier instead, alright?  How does it manage extensions?  Oh, that’s right, it never has.  Too much middle-management influence on naming perhaps?


Seth Wisely said: time for someone to receive a motivational stick beating

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