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September 30, 2009

firefox ssl check extensions

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SSLpasswdWarning OR Safe — SSLpasswdWarning: are you authenticating securely? — Safe: provides far more detail than SSLpasswdWarning.  Do not bother with the page code injection option.

Seth Wisely said: the less insecure the better


we need an AdBlock Plus selective deny extension for cookies that is also Karma based

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Both AdBlock Plus and Karma Blocker accomplish the same goal.  One with block lists and one with SpamAssassin style rules.

Cookie management extensions are deficient by comparison.  None are pro-active based on intent of placing cookie.  TACO is a step in the right direction albeit primitively.

Seth Wisely said: I decide what I will not view

September 24, 2009

Obama gets his own tribute propaganda song (金日成將軍의 노래) to brainwash children in public schools

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金日成將軍의 노래 [socialist praise song] (google) | 金日成將軍의 노래 [socialist praise song] (bing) |  金日成將軍의 노래 [socialist praise song] (yahoo)


other great videos from North Korean state TV

other great videos from the White House

abusing children for obama before the election

children sing praises for greatleader obama

Seth Wisely said: orwell was a bit premature in his predictions

September 21, 2009

Zone Salting with

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Zone Salting continues… is onboard free Disposable Email Address service grants a forwarding alias from a ‘random’ draw of registered domains.  However the assigned username works with any registered zone.

DEA last for user selected period from an hour to a year, can be extended or canceled.

Seth Wisely said: two points for me

$21 Billion Orbiting Solar Array will needlessly Beam Electricity to Earth

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“[japanese project] aims to spend the next four years developing the technology needed to beam the electricity produced to earth”

The sun, a legacy technology, already ‘beams’ energy to Earth.

“They expect that as fossil fuels run out”

Instead of using economical, practical technology like oh say nuclear power plants (for energy and desalinization) they opt to pursue a four square kilometer pie in the sky.

Fossil fuels are another form of solar energy.


Seth Wisely said: fossil fuel is solar energy

self destructing services help re-educate unwashed masses using email

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The largest source of spam for me is the VAST unwashed masses using email.  Those people blissfully unaware that email predates the interweb.  I no longer have the patience to re-educate each on BCC and email netiquette so I have finally accepted the necessity of proximate circles of trust.  The more trusted the contact the better email contact information provided.  My peripheral email address uses self destructing images, self destructing URLs, and disposable email aliases to send content that is likely to tempt the ignorant into mashing her FWD button.

drop : media :: (kicknotes or stealthmessage) : text :: (vapurl or urlgone or ephemurl) : url (expire: week, month, year: exactly or since last access) (expire by days or clicks or combination.  can track usage) (expire by days) (expire by days (DO NOT give it email address other than DEA to collect URL to email yourself)

When their respective recipients receive the email with URLs to content that is no longer available the feedback loop discourages them from forwarding my email.

^ I have been emailing various services for more than a year pressing for self expiring options. Seemingly there are many new fruits of this effort.  :-}

This is far more convenient that using a cPanel webhost for DIY expiration. (ftp + mod_rewrite + cron + pixie dust)

entertaining variations

self destructing crypto key for text posting

vapurl alternative: or
urlgone alternative: or
kicknotes alternative:
sturly alternatives: or or alternative: (weak alternative for media)

alternatively alternatives: or — with original credit to akebono then DMOZ

self destructing alternatives to pastebin:


Seth Wisely said: add a little Zone Salting to your mailing list

September 20, 2009

domain free email hosting reliable options

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hotmail live : MX RR –
unlimited storage, free POP3, free SMTP-AUTH (does support TLS) : one MX RR – [mgr]
5 GB storage, 5 more GB for media storage, free POP3, free IMAP4, free SMTP-AUTH (does not support TLS)

gmail : multiple MX RR or CNAME –
7 GB storage, free POP3, free broken IMAP4, free SMTP-AUTH (does support TLS)

AOL : –

gawab : –
4 GB, webmail only


free backup MX (free Secondary MX Services) limitations on free WARNING: spamvertized via

Granite Canyon

using google apps as backup mx

free DNS hosting

Granite Canyon

free email hosting (free email outsourcing) and free backup MX

my favorite free webmail front end: Round Cube

Seth Wisely said: provide your own salt as needed

September 16, 2009

verizon fios domains whitelisted in 9100em router config : not

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Until I know the purpose of these domains I am not allowing them to ‘secretly’ whitelist them in the 9100em config: — what is the ongoing need to allow this?
— what is the ongoing need to allow this? — some portal features
— I do not want 1960s features in overpriced voip
— no thanks, I do not need you poking about
— smtp?
wget — ‘free’ wifi hotspot bloatware that smells like netzero and?
— what is the ongoing need to allow this?

Advanced Filter Initial outbound and initial inbound rules trump ‘secret’ whitelist:

091010 homey dont think so

This rule set does not break FIOS TV guide data.  I could not care less about VOD and have not tested it.

Other modifications to the configuration file in a text editor are necessary to assure privacy (keep verizon out) and prevent verizon from further raping the firmware with “updates” or having the device destroy itself


solution: demand ethernet from ONT to house.  verizon can provide as many 9100ems as are needed to bridge ethernet to moca for the STBs or DVRs.  No GPON?  They’ll whine that you’ll have to suffer 100 Mbps instead of ~240 Mbps (of version one point zero MoCa) as verizon “opted” not to bother with gigabit ports on the 9100em among other awesome features we mere mortals need not about fret.  Yeah, right, I’ll definitely limit myself to the 9100em.  It is reassuring to see how knowledgeable fios people are.   :sigh:

Seth Wisely said: blind trust in verizon is foolish

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