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February 28, 2010

flash “cookies” be damned: blocking via directory ACLs

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no write permission for teh win.  Sure it’s not a new idea but it’s of the winningest..

Seth Wisely said: my way or the bye-bye way


February 26, 2010

eagerly awaiting piaf orgasmatron in a cloud

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Why fight a workstation at home when for less money per month than electric bill for that orgasmatron workstation one can run cloud orgasmatron?

will it be better than…

eh not likely… it’s a different  flavored solution

Seth Wisely said: MY phone, MY dime, MY way

skipscreen in a cloud?

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it’ll render their malware dead.  IPA?  unlike shared webhosting php apps easily overcome IPA sharing

[insert interesting image here]


Seth Wisely said: malware in cloud is malware nonetheless

February 25, 2010

Using FFmpeg-MT buils from now on [sic]

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^ so claims the readme notes from the 1020-02-24 build of MPlayer (mulder)

In the huge rush to limit multithreading some letters much be sacrficed [sic]

see also: 2009-02-20, Friday :: Video Acceleration and You [mplayerhq]

NOTE: FFmpeg-mt has problems with packed b-frames.

as amd, the poor intel emulator, plays catchup with intel so goes ati after nvidia with va-api

Not being a doom9 lurker, nor regular cccp wiki contributor much anymore I follow not such issues closely.


Seth Wisely said: hey dev’er leave those codecs alone

February 20, 2010

verizon sip Ecrio mobile framework retrenches $30 monthly upgrade penalty foisted not optional even for non use

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BASKING RIDGE, NJ and CUPERTINO, CA — February 9, 2010 — Verizon Wireless announced today that it has selected Ecrio’s mobile framework to power the roll-out of new communication and messaging services over Verizon Wireless’ current CDMA High Rate Packet Data (HRPD) and Evolved HRPD networks, as well as its forthcoming 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. Ecrio’s SIP (Simple IM Engine)/IMS (IP Multi-Media Subsystem) client framework will be embedded on a wide range of devices across Verizon Wireless’ network and streamlines access to popular IP services, including messaging and calling, for existing and new mobile applications.

two whole days latter more Ecrio bandwagon action

CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb. 11 — Ecrio, the pioneer in SIP client software and mobile applications with over 30 million handsets shipped, today announced that its SIP platform has been selected by SK Telecom to support the roll-out of multiple consumer services, including mobile Instant Messaging and VideoShare. The agreement, effective immediately, follows SK Telecom’s competitive review of several SIP platform vendors

framework for verizon to allow innovative applications?  or more chinese firewall style walled garden?

The Ecrio SIP-Simple IM Engine is fully compliant with the 3GPP IMS specifcations for IM and interoperable with deployed IMS compliant networks

… verizon drones still insist $30/mo upgrade penalty is a convenience.

Seth Wisely said: android phone ought be TWO devices.  tether archos 5 internet tablet to phone for androidy liberty

February 19, 2010

State of New Mexico spent 1.9 BILLION on “Indian Affairs” in 2009 — why??

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New Mexico is whose indian keeper?

National Congress of American Indians Competitive Grant Listing

  • Correctional facilities on tribal lands program – $225 million
  • Grants to Indian Tribal Governments – $21 million
  • Rural Law Enforcement – $125 million
  • Victim’s Compensation – $5 million
  • Byrne Competitive Grants – $225 million
  • COPS Hiring Grants – $1 billion
  • Southwest Boarder – $40 million
  • Health Information Technology Grants – New Authorization
  • Broadband Technology Opportunities Program – $250 million

$1891million wasted on non-citizens!!

And, yes, we ought discontinue ALL foreign aide.  Private charity was efficatious well before socialist “wel”fare

$7.8 million on green fascism for indians:


How many reservations produce their own power??

To Apply for your “share” of deficit spending: or email
These sites offer good information for federal funding opportunities and will refer to specific links depending upon the nature of your project.

a watched dollar never burns: EFFECTING transparency while eliminating deficit spending

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EFFECT transparency while solving deficit spending.  Government at any level  SHALL NOT collect taxes unless BOTH publishing budget on the interweb- and in PDF three months prior to date of collection AND publishing full disclosure (100%) audit trail of all monies.

If either condition is violated monies SHALL be returned and those responsible for setting the budget shall be impeached.

United we stand against fascism

RequestPolicy reveals new MedlinePlus cross site request from

Filed under: fascist fiat — Tags: , , — Seth Wisely @ 14:23 seems to be the latest propagandist tool by greatleader’s socialism administration.

A mere two days ago MedlinePlus,, had no such integration.  More president’s fascist fiat?

Take a moment to share with Health and Human services, the same great people partly responsible for promoting teen fornication, via survey how little you value this infliction.

RequestPolicy is a security enhancing extension for firefox.

An example of the dangers of having free open elections:

A presidential order to change the moon to cheese is as effective

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