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February 19, 2010

State of New Mexico spent 1.9 BILLION on “Indian Affairs” in 2009 — why??

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New Mexico is whose indian keeper?

National Congress of American Indians Competitive Grant Listing

  • Correctional facilities on tribal lands program – $225 million
  • Grants to Indian Tribal Governments – $21 million
  • Rural Law Enforcement – $125 million
  • Victim’s Compensation – $5 million
  • Byrne Competitive Grants – $225 million
  • COPS Hiring Grants – $1 billion
  • Southwest Boarder – $40 million
  • Health Information Technology Grants – New Authorization
  • Broadband Technology Opportunities Program – $250 million

$1891million wasted on non-citizens!!

And, yes, we ought discontinue ALL foreign aide.  Private charity was efficatious well before socialist “wel”fare

$7.8 million on green fascism for indians:


How many reservations produce their own power??

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