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October 31, 2009 : best free adblocking choice for IE8 IE7 IE6?? NO, NOT at all! Privacy concerns among other reasons: stay away

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simple-adblock is NOT the adblocking for IE you were looking for (do not install simple-adblock). Sure it does hide ads better than most IE addons, but it is sneaky-ware with less than honorable intentions.

Is this an appropriate IE plugin?  Are you comfortable with it assigning you a unique id (much like chrome) and logging your username and computername?  If major privacy issues are not your concern this might be the adblock plugin for you. ver 079

Two files storing your uniqueness:

%appdata%\Simple Adblock\settings.ini

Plus some phone home issues..  only with uniqueness can these be used is shared (same A record) with some questionable (SEO) domains:

digging a bit deeper  []

ad aid?  it seems to store mirrors, albeit old mirrors, of easylist

or are they?

d’oh:  NS

but wait there’s more

danish 2 english
“18 September fell cited: Aidonline concept is crystal clear illegal!”

setting aside the evil here are the good points (which do not justify use)

supports the AdBlock Plus format (fully?)

Filter format
In your personal filter file you can add your own filter rules. For the changes to take effect, you need to open a new tab or window (note in IE 6 and IE 7 you need to open a new window)

The filter rules are identical to the format defined by adblockplus, hence you can copy your own filter list created with Adblockplus to this file. The filter format is defined in:

has element hiding, too

donationware? or faustianware?

MSDN IE developers thread

some interesting points from IE simple-adblock FAQ

Q: Can I edit my own filters with simple adblock?
Simple Adblock is supposed to be easy for everyone to use. Therefore that is not an option, but we are working on a way to make it easy to edit filters and hide elements.

Until then we have made a temporary workaround: personal filters

yay? no.

the downside of simple-adblock: it appears to generate and log unique user ids for each install.  creepy, yes?  But wait there’s more

IE adblockers in descending order of awesomeness (ignoring all downsides)

simple-adblock > adblock pro > quero > adblock IE > privoxy > IE8 inprivate > adbrick > proxomitron > ad muncher > hosts

IE8 is extremely far behind firefox in adblocking, annoyance removal, and security widgets.  T

simple-adblock for the low low price of waiving privacy for equally questionable security. simple-adblock is NOT the adblocking for IE you were looking for

This leaves it a tossup for addons between adblock pro (shareware) and quero

Seth Wisely said: simple-adblock has the best potential but has outstanding privacy concerns


October 30, 2009

verizon fios feckless techinical “support”

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It sure is fun when a tech does not understand latency, and awesome when the ONT config is foobared by a trained monkey, but this is horrific:

The fun started when we called Verizon tech support to try to get them to force the ONT’s ethernet port to 100mb/full (since we are paying for 50mb/20mb service from VZ, setting the ethernet to 10/half kind of defeats the purpose?).

The first tech we talked to insisted that if we had 50/20 service, the ethernet between the ONT and our router had to run at those speeds also, and that the problem was our router because the Westell VZ supplied was quite capable of doing that! He was quite indignant that we wanted to adjust the speed without ordering (and paying for) higher-speed service! He also insisted that by setting the ethernet port to half-duplex, we had changed our router from a router to a bridge. At that point, I suggested to my friend that we hang up and call back and hope we got a different tech.

The second tech wasn’t much help either, but he did recognize that we ought to be able to set the ethernet to 100/full. He did, however, try to insist that we could make the router sync up with the ONT at 100/full if we increased the MTU size on the router, because that would cause the router’s sync frequency to more closely match the ONT’s. He suggested we could move MTU all the way up to 20000 and that should help.

I’m not kidding.

So we’ll call VZ back this morning and try again to get the ONT forced to 100/full. We’ve had much better luck with VZ’s day-time staff’s knowledge.


Seth Wisely said: fios “support” ough be tested monthly and terminated for low scores

October 29, 2009

oh noes! I agree with Richard Dawkins … about Bill O’Reilly

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091029 dawkins intellectually dishonest

Richard Dawkins, the self appointed apologist in chief for atheism (contratheism specifically), makes few good points.  Setting aside his logically self refuting ideology, atheism, he makes an excellent point: there is a need for intelligent TV editorial hosts.   O’Reilly, akin to Dawkins, certainly is not much more than of average intelligence.

091029 no intelligence allowed

Intelligent Design no more belongs in a science class than does the patently illogical ‘evolution’ theory of spontaneous life from non-life  (time is neither an efficient cause nor an effective cause). Both are metaphysical issues.  If the topic is to be shared in socialist re-education centers then both theories must be presented.  It provides a segue to reintroduce ethics and logic into the public school curriculum through the addition of a philosophy unit requirement.


obama’s ProgDa : abc, nbc, cbs, msnbc, cnn on board with “All the news that fits the obama agenda”

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compare to



viva la Reagolution

October 28, 2009

firefox extensions behaving badly? XUL them out

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A twiddle bird suggests using XUL profiler, itself an extension, to hunt down resource hogging firefox extensions.

Gee… too bad there is not something build into firefox to help sort out which extensions are in conflict-, or allow the user to inflict a pecking order… that’d be grrrrreat.

Seth Wisely said: hogging is bad unless it results in bacon

October 27, 2009

symlink-analog for MX backup (thought experiment in progress)

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postfix centered backup MX configuration ideas

No mention of redundant DNS?  Backup MX is fine but with resolver failure even backup MX can be useless.

A more interesting idea (rough draft imagination) would be a symlink-analog from backup (third party) MX providers to access rules on primary (or local MX) such that rules need not be manually replicated.

While some find it rude I find TMDA efficacious (when properly configured)

October 21, 2009

czar mark lloyd will help loose us from the yolk of freedom! yay?

Mark lloyd, czar extraordinaire, has a great point… the free market does not allow socialists to have a dominant voice that PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN TO… especially if they don’t think so. Soon we will no longer be afflicted with freedom’s burden!  We will have license to select one choice from one choice.

When the free market is allowed to persist those in favor of socialism do not have the voice they deserve. That space is currently taken by what the market wants. The people are being deprived the privilege of hearing the mellifluous words of socialist apologists which is itself a denial of the first amendment rights of those who do not have their own show.

It is so obvious. Why will no one listen? oh, yeah, the market of ideas. Soon, soon, America, Mark Lloyd will help: there will only be state-approved stations. You will be required to listen to those stations a few hours a day as your community service to the USSA. No radio will be manufactured with an off mode. It will be illegal to disable this state issued broadcast device in your home.

Obama’s administration  is saving us from choice more each day! When ultimately will we be loosed from the yolk of freedom?

Seth Wisely said: choice is not justification — the contrarian position embraced by society thus far is leading to this delightfully ‘just’ end

October 19, 2009

“Ignore truth and logic! It’s all smoke and mirrors. I have what you need,” says crack dealing US President

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Rely on my new-democrat new ministry of truth.

Well, not this time” .. or any other time Mr Obama.

We already have a suitable Ministry of Truthiness

Simply because socialism has never worked in the history of time is apparently no reason not to continue trying it. Despite socialism being a cancer upon society Mr Obama continues plying his charm to woo the foolish to his inane course.

‘Be silent, Fox News! What I have written I have written

Stop thinking of pink elephants.

Most people think in images (events) or words.  Most people will think of pink elephants.  ‘Stop watching fox‘ will only serve to increase Fox’s viewership.  But if Mr Obama’s team had a winning strategy, something other than one that has NEVER worked, they also would not employ a strategy to enhance their enemy, the one’s pursuing truth, the ones with the audacity to question.

Seth Wisely said: stand against tyranny of thought

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