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September 29, 2010

no chittering about running rapid leech on amazon ec2?

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Seth Wisely said: captcha outdated acronym

September 28, 2010

@libertarians, constitutionalists, conservatives et al

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“privileges of citizenship” are colloquially ‘rights’.

Rights, per se, are endowed by God.

Please reflect upon the distinction.

Seth Wisely said: lexicon matters

September 27, 2010

oh, firefox “upgrades, how I so delight in major version changes

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yes, so much enjoyment from core changes breaking all the extensions that customize MY experience.  So much wrenching joy waiting on extension fixes or hacked solutions to be manifested by third parties — no parties there.

I am sure I’ll love the new built-in tab management system inflicted on 4-users.

I like my piro extensions, thanks.  I like reliability and dependability of interface.  No one sane uses bare-firefox.

And the extensions “manager”.  Great name.  Let’s all call it the extension listifier instead, alright?  How does it manage extensions?  Oh, that’s right, it never has.  Too much middle-management influence on naming perhaps?


Seth Wisely said: time for someone to receive a motivational stick beating

September 25, 2010

clip art spammed as free, for a price, how to liberate media

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repeatedly turned up in search results for particular FREE graphics.  Sure, get me there and I’ll be all too please to pay $50 for a smiley face.  Guess again.

With the healing brush in most paint applications, the “new” content aware eraser in photoshop CS5, or the much less unoriginal tool in GIMP simply remove the pathetisad watermarks from images.

ahhh now they are as free as they were spammed to be


Seth Wisely said: spamming will cost you

September 24, 2010

un”upgrading” firefox 3 interface with CSS

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Eric Wendelin makes firefox3 bookmark add dialog less cretinous since fox “upgrade”


I’ve been using this “forever”.  I cannot wait to see what other interface “upgrades” are in store — since I’m not a fan of beta OS or beta browsers since the joy of profile corruption despite appropriate command line switches ages ago.. don’t trust them.

firefox4 “addons manager” still is almost entirely useless in regards to “management” oh boy.

Seth Wisely said: don’t write email hungry

September 23, 2010

a few interesting new subdirectories on mozilla ftp pub

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I prefer the FILE transfer protocol for transferring  files to http, thanks.

in a slightly related note it is vexing to convince KPT5 to play well with portable GIMPhoto.. sigh.  I would use a more recent GIMP-win but I prefer the photoshop-esque gui of GIMPhoto — I wish the GIMPhoto guy would abandon binary hacking and roll his pixie dust in pre-compile!

And while I’m wishing…

(1) I wish GIMP(hoto) File:new would pickup dimensions of images stored on the clipboard like actual-photoshop does.

(2) I want a CTRL+J : copy selection into new layer (in position of selection)

Seth Wisely said: the world is a little less awesome without Kai behind KPT.. corel is an innovation graveyard

September 22, 2010

eye-fi questions.. from the silence perhaps a hopeless wishlist?

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The only care i would consider is the Eye-Fi PRO X2 as I want ad hoc. Eye-Fi has crammed in some wifi goodness into the vast emptiness of an SDHC card.  It’s another kind of “unlimited” storage, but at the obvious expensive of device battery life.  It supports all those great AP crypto schemes almost.. but there are some questions I haven’t seen asked, and when asked by myself or others in RL or net peer groups an eerie NON-responsiveness from the EyeFi hoard.  :[

mmm dot 11 n ad hoc.  What’s the range there?
vpn? ssl or the other masochisms?

push to Amazon S3 or other cloud?  But preferably Amazon S3.

raid in one plastic box?  you already make creative use of the empty space, let’s be sure there are no foobared photos.

android application?

Sure, the droid, 2, x, its kin, and other AOSP have needlessly expensive wifi hotspot but I would much rather push camera, audio, video over the handset to stay inside the “unlimited” flavor of data.   Let’s not route through the dee ewe en host, alright?

Seth Wisely said:  obey

elecard tries hard with everything-center: HD media, voip, interwebs browsing, bill pay, and makes sandwiches

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Elecard iTelec STB 820-10

“hybrid Set-Top Box for IPTV and DVB-T” though the “elegant” claim might be a wee bit of a stretch

Don’t miss the “reach feature set”

(not an endorsement)

problematic is AVC (x264) support constrained to Standard Definition

  • MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264 video support for highest possible video quality
  • AAC audio support for CD quality audio
  • MPEG-2 TS, RTP and RTSP, UDP multicast protocol support
  • Resolution up to SD

Even the lackluster, disappointing waste of $300 popcorn hour C200 claims internet browsing of certain sites in a less than functional way, the elecard claims on tv bill payment via interweb browser.

  • Playback of streams delivered over HTTP makes watching video from YouTube, Facebook, etc. possible

Replace your ATA with the elecard STB?

  • VoIP services (SIP, RJ-11 phone jack) with user-friendly GUI

eech, no.

But if you act now you can have this abiguously hard- software encoder, for free:

Seems like software requires rackspace.. hmmm

sandwich not included

Seth Wisely said: even boxee box falls short of the mark

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