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January 24, 2011

notes to self for later posting post pub

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when ad whores infect capchae:

a new challenge for adblock plus

Learned something new in photoshop.  I created a rectangular selection/mask for each ad area to highlight (by not dimmig with dark layer), and rotated it.  After saving one to a new channel I deselected all, and created the other selection and saved to a channel.  Now how can I have both selections loaded simultaneously to run the blackout action?  hmmm

Load selection from channel “right”.  Save selection to new channel “additive set”.  Load selection from channel “left”.  Save selection to _existing_ channel “additive’ and tick the second option “add to channel”.  Deselect all.   Load selection from channel “additive set” and voila: both rotated rectangular selections active and ready to feed to action (invert selection, create new lawyer, fill black, decrease opacity)

No to figure out how to do that in GIMP (GIMPhoto)






October 30, 2010 sells out to facetard

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oh noes

a FANTASTIC free file hosting service will be doing seppuku december 15

where the technology will be continuously raped by facetard


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October 14, 2010

what the hell, ewtn? obfuscating CDN video… because?

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Isn’t the objective to distribute the video as far- and as wide as possible?  Why make capturing streaming live video difficult?

NoClick.js really?   blocking my connections 😦

ok the hard way

streamid 7001001 networkid 3001844

build 7 = 300k

see also:

pick an mms stream or brute force the goldfish

yields two mms stream options

mms:// …
mms:// [less auth]


Seth Wisely said: you’re doing this all wrong again

September 22, 2010

eye-fi questions.. from the silence perhaps a hopeless wishlist?

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The only care i would consider is the Eye-Fi PRO X2 as I want ad hoc. Eye-Fi has crammed in some wifi goodness into the vast emptiness of an SDHC card.  It’s another kind of “unlimited” storage, but at the obvious expensive of device battery life.  It supports all those great AP crypto schemes almost.. but there are some questions I haven’t seen asked, and when asked by myself or others in RL or net peer groups an eerie NON-responsiveness from the EyeFi hoard.  :[

mmm dot 11 n ad hoc.  What’s the range there?
vpn? ssl or the other masochisms?

push to Amazon S3 or other cloud?  But preferably Amazon S3.

raid in one plastic box?  you already make creative use of the empty space, let’s be sure there are no foobared photos.

android application?

Sure, the droid, 2, x, its kin, and other AOSP have needlessly expensive wifi hotspot but I would much rather push camera, audio, video over the handset to stay inside the “unlimited” flavor of data.   Let’s not route through the dee ewe en host, alright?

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February 26, 2010

eagerly awaiting piaf orgasmatron in a cloud

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Why fight a workstation at home when for less money per month than electric bill for that orgasmatron workstation one can run cloud orgasmatron?

will it be better than…

eh not likely… it’s a different  flavored solution

Seth Wisely said: MY phone, MY dime, MY way

skipscreen in a cloud?

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it’ll render their malware dead.  IPA?  unlike shared webhosting php apps easily overcome IPA sharing

[insert interesting image here]


Seth Wisely said: malware in cloud is malware nonetheless

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