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April 16, 2010

gmail as DEA manager

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I have finally gotten around to writing this.  I use gmail to mask my IPA while contacting entities via DEAs.  My plan uses smtp auth accounts as disposable conduits.  I realize using smtp auth for DEA outbound reveals the auth email in headers.  I only check the auth email account for gmail verification emails and couldn’t care less if someone “thought” they’d be sneaky and reply directly to it; there’s an autoresponder on every smtp auth account mocking them for the attempt and informing them how long their email will remain unread.

The nefarious, spammers, SEO, and otherwise employ other tricks but my objective is privacy.  Creating umpteen hundred webmail accounts is tiresome and both gmail and hotmail catch on in a window I won’t reveal.

I use google docs and gmail filters to track each DEA by creation time, expiry, purpose, and underlying smtp auth.  The account itself is coded in the from name so I can easily correlate it to expiry and auth without using notes.

Some DEA I use for outbound communication, most I use for signups with some being able to outbound reply.  When a given domain is blacklisted I apply Zone Salting and create anew by fiat.

For online purchases I do not use public DEA.  Of online sales in the last six months ONLY amazon has not violated my privacy.  Very few can be judged according to their own respective privacy policies as their claim in essence: “we respect your privacy until it’s profitable to not bother”.  Some vendors are especially wicked.  Staples uses the highly spammy forced “opt” in model.  It’s high time ALL online retails adopt at least double opt in!

I am especially fond of but I have noticed SEO scum abusing Zone Salting.  Donating more zones, however, will crush them in quantity.  SB needs some democracy feedback to quash spammy/seos zones without zone donation flooding.  But that would need be reputation (peer trust) based otherwise seo/spammers would abuse that too.  Direct democracy, or untempered democracy, is ALWAYS FOOLISH.  I live in a republic; I shall be thankful when the masses realize this again and vote only for honorable men.

Seth Wisely said: my way or the highway protects my privacy

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