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May 5, 2010

ISP geoip location DHCP opt-out — why do so few people who understand care? (out loud)

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Remember opting-out of 24 dot range with cable modems?  How about a nice privacy feature for $1?  Only the most cretinous would find it challenging to implement.  Browser “opt” out is nowhere near sufficient since google can be trusted about as far as any of us can toss the moon.

privacy is ESSENTIAL to exercise of liberty


OT: Multi-Mcard DIY PVR does not fit into certain peoples’ walled garden mentality.  But random geoip DHCP will not interfere with IPTV draconia (ref “secret” infrastructure docs).

Seth Wisely said: itardation is destroying culture

March 2, 2010

must have geoip dhcp opt OUT NOW

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Is it creepy enough in here yet?

Re-education centers breeding sociopaths with a proclivity for voyeurism- and exhibitionism.  Rome anyone?

November 12, 2009

it should be a nightmare to obtain physical location from IP address without subpoena

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Why are ISPs being complicit with the eerie geoIP location move to high granularity?

They ought offer an option to opt-out of geoIP location DHCP!  Obviously this is not an encouragement to pirate media — drm accomplishes that all on its own.   Commision of real crimes can still be found through subpoena.

Seth Wisely said: there is money to be made selling privacy aid – and customer hemorrhaging for the lack

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