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September 14, 2010

hey, hollywood, leave those kids alone :: we don’t need no thought control

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much better than liberating encrypted content from dark side of HDMI sink 🙂

Just as the MPAA is preparing to offer movies to customers at home while they’re still in theaters by limiting playback to DRM-protected digital outputs only, the HDCP protocol they rely on may have been cracked wide open.

Seth Wisely said: death to DMCA down with DRM! My media on My terms on My hardware!

August 24, 2010

circumventing HDMI HDCP without crypto attack — obvious loophole in HDMI “protection”?

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Where’s an Electrical Engineer when I need one?

dark side of HDMI sink: lift signaling from LCD ribbon and map back to component

As I edit my blog to push this out from drafts into the ether I find my blog disabled.  oh, the conspiracy!

Happen to have schematics for any 1080p LCD TV (ribbon cables) and the bits that precede it? 🙂

Capture 1080p stream after decryption: no complex HDCP circumvention lab.   LCD ribbon pinout to component will require a few bits & chips, and a bit more time.  This is not a “piracy” issue.  This is about MY convenience.  I pay to pipe in TV media.  I wish to record it on hardware of MY choosing, in an encoding scheme of MY choice.  “whole house DVR” is lametard marketing speak for poorly implemented TV NAS.

MY TOS precedes ALL others in my home and on my gear.

competent volunteers?  Electrical engineering thesis project perhaps?  I speculate (wildly?) that any HDMI capable laptop would be an excellent victim as equally awesome as any low cost or super popular TV model would be

HDCP promotes lan “piracy”.  HDCP is creating “casual” pirates out of soccer moms, and pirates out of DIY PVR users.  Most people are willing to pay for content — I am.  I, however, am not interested in participating in the masochism of it all.. few are.

Please correct any misconceptions I might have.

edit: No, this is not the same as the hackaday article concept

Seth Wisely said: content fascism be damned

August 12, 2010

“you’re only as good as what you make today” ?? Government Motors Jeep division making pro-Marxism utilitarian commercial. surprise?

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You’re only good if you are productive for the state.

Have you had your daily dose of utilitarian classical conditioning?

Thanks Government Motors, I was craving a socialism propaganda fix!

Jeep, the sound of happy sheeple

build your own lest you cease to be good or valuable

Seth Wisely said: God, please help us not descend into satanic USSA

March 6, 2010

accept your premise as your conclusion and its evidence? no

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No, john talbin, we do not accept your circular reasoning (aka subjective reality)

Assuming your genetics assertion true for the sake of argument further assume the world is now exclusively populated with homosexuals.

The human population will be extinct in one generation.

Homosexual behavior is self evidently not a good (as it is not genitive).  Homosexual behavior is PER SE destructive to humanity.

Seth Wisely said: the philosopher is right about fools and lunatics

February 19, 2010

RequestPolicy reveals new MedlinePlus cross site request from

Filed under: fascist fiat — Tags: , , — Seth Wisely @ 14:23 seems to be the latest propagandist tool by greatleader’s socialism administration.

A mere two days ago MedlinePlus,, had no such integration.  More president’s fascist fiat?

Take a moment to share with Health and Human services, the same great people partly responsible for promoting teen fornication, via survey how little you value this infliction.

RequestPolicy is a security enhancing extension for firefox.

An example of the dangers of having free open elections:

A presidential order to change the moon to cheese is as effective

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