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December 8, 2010

walgreens sells email database received skype phishing — thanks to disposable email address easy to stop spam flow in more likely event walgreens phishing email from stolen list

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thanks walgreens for the coupons and complimentary phishing attempts…. if not stolen then all confidence LOST in your online pharmacy services… fortunately I do not believe in using such “convenient” tools.. imagine the fun

example phishing email sent to DEA exclusively provided to walgreens

Walgreens took great care to guard their privacy feedback email:

Yahoo webmail is less than useful.  It will no longer allow me to reply as-from the AddressGuard address to which email is sent.  (pick Address Guard address in “from” drop down in compose reply pane).  Attempt to send, correctly solve feckless captcha

and then this additional nonsense….

The message you composed has not been sent. Such message blocks are usually caused by sending a message whose content has triggered our spam filters, or by sending to too many recipients at a given time. We encourage you to carefully review the recipient list and contents (including URLs therein) of your message before attempting to resend it. 

If you think that you received this message in error, or are receiving it persistently, please read this FAQ for more information and to request Customer Care assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


I don’t want an apology.  I want to be able to send as from the yahoo disposable email address I created….  as I have been able to do since the addition of AddressGuard, and before that with other email addresses or free disposable email address services like or

circumventing requires picking primary yahoo address in From drop down.  yeah, that’s not going to happen — yahoo has defeated the entire value of yahoo AddressGuard.  (yahoo inflicts similar hassle when composing new email to friends, family, or cowordkers using from-as AddressGuard or from-as another Disposable Email Address).  no send joy

Why prompt for “from” information in new disposable email address creation pane?

with confidently signup to receive that one coupon you want without offering up your account to be raped.  Get what you want.. when the spam started simply deleted the AddressGuard overlay (forwarding) address.

Sure, it’s NOWHERE near as awesome as TMDA… but it was once a flawless integration of DEA with email provider.  Gmail’s (not new) plus addressing or dot placement is a joke by comparison.

“You can create disposable addresses to use whenever you don’t want to share your real Yahoo! Mail address,” or so yahoo claims

captcha within the webmail interface will not significantly reduce spam.. duh?  hello, yahoo?  Please stop tormenting the innocent like unconstitutional anti-self-defense fascist laws


Seth Wisely said: say no to email privacy abuse

February 19, 2010

RequestPolicy reveals new MedlinePlus cross site request from

Filed under: fascist fiat — Tags: , , — Seth Wisely @ 14:23 seems to be the latest propagandist tool by greatleader’s socialism administration.

A mere two days ago MedlinePlus,, had no such integration.  More president’s fascist fiat?

Take a moment to share with Health and Human services, the same great people partly responsible for promoting teen fornication, via survey how little you value this infliction.

RequestPolicy is a security enhancing extension for firefox.

An example of the dangers of having free open elections:

A presidential order to change the moon to cheese is as effective

January 30, 2010

found: government offers one health related service superior to other private corp or non profit: graphic real-time visual feedback pill identification

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NIH National Library of Medicine PillBox in Adobe FLEX

Fortunately use of this government service does not surrender ownership of your computer- and its contents to the government as with a certain car trade in program.

visual feedback as you add more precise description

visual feedback as you add more precise description


much more detailed images than other pill identification sites — with the caveat that “this is beta” and that they disclaim accuracy of all information.  Gov waiting on pharma for confirmation.

up close and pill personal information


visual representation of shape a bit more valuable than written adjectives



helpful relative size

100130 pillbox nlm nih gov feature 4 pill sizing


Flex feedback?  Other ideas? Think military use of pillbox before sending them any email

email your great pill ideas to our once lovely government -- CHOOSE to make it better

should be the marketplace of ideas not the war of unintended conseqence infliction

should be the marketplace of ideas not the war of unintended conseqence infliction


Seth Wisely said: pharmacies are becoming more like a gump box of chocolate

November 21, 2009

itards of the world unite? iUnioNizing coup wins source of problem

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iUnion legal coup successful: apple to release source code after ice age in hell.

itards, however, cannot live without the shiny factor.  What have they won?  A larger apple cage?

“it’s our job to stop [customers from gaining full use of their hardware on the network they pay to access],” said Steve Jobs.  Liberty? Using devices in ways other than intended? Freedom to tinker? That’s no longer the American way.  Unquestioning obedience, compliance, and ingenuity seppuku is the new world order.  Silence!  iJail you!

The new google succubus, android, might ensnare a few more souls

[insert faust using verizon droid ‘phone’ here]

Seth Wisely said: phones ought be phones first

November 12, 2009

it should be a nightmare to obtain physical location from IP address without subpoena

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Why are ISPs being complicit with the eerie geoIP location move to high granularity?

They ought offer an option to opt-out of geoIP location DHCP!  Obviously this is not an encouragement to pirate media — drm accomplishes that all on its own.   Commision of real crimes can still be found through subpoena.

Seth Wisely said: there is money to be made selling privacy aid – and customer hemorrhaging for the lack

what six degrees from Shakespeare implies about the NSA a decade ago

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Magic Lantern a candle in the wind

Have to abuse a few more metaphores

Seth Wisely said: citizens ought spook spooks’ masters

November 10, 2009

keeping an eye on IAD NIST? they are watching us in more than one way

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091110 nist information access division spying on citizens_




Let (article borrowing) EFF help you find the right people to pester:

091110 eff privacy please please care


Seth Wisely said: privacy is essential to liberty


October 8, 2009

police logging mobile phone IMEI?

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NYPD tracking phone owners for fingerprint style database

Wow cannot wait until traffic stops require fingerprinting and blood letting

Why stop at using an IMEI database “solving” committed crimes?  Real time mobile phone logging without warrant!  It would be much easier to issue speeding tickets by mail.

Google would love to get their hands on yet another aspect of your-yourself: they already have a dataminer’s paradise through all the “free” services they offer.  Knowing all  your contacts and everything you communicate by email, IM, and phone is a good start, but knowing where you are while you’re doing it (even when you don’t have an android) would be so much tastier. [n]Obama could then buy the data or wend the technology to the now illegal tracking of citizens across government department/domains.

Seth Wisely said: guard your privacy or lose it in tandem with your liberty and security

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